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Ebionite Restoration  - Christian Renewal

"There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way of death"
(Prov 14:12 NKJ)

Because my challenge to Bill O'Reilly is beyond the limitations of traditional conservative thinking, Sean Hannity, John Gibson and FoxNews Comments have all blocked my e-mail. The only one to acknowledge what I wrote to Bill O'Reilly was Ellis Henican of Newsday. In my reply to Ellis Henican, I demonstrate that the adoption of these Pagan celebrations of Christmas and Easter inhibits the process of second birth that Yeshua said was absolutely necessary to enter the Kingdom.  To my initial challenge to Bill O'Reilly (see Challenge), Ellis Henican replied: 

Allan: interesting letter. I learned from it. sorry you "rarely ever agree" with me, although it sounds like we do agree largely on this issue.
I still wish someone would explain to me why Christmas should be turned into a government program -- its celebrations hosted, organized and paid for by the government. and I ask that as someone who loves to celebrate Christmas. would want the government to just screw it up?  Aren't our sacred religious holidays best left to voluntary celebration? Isn't religion undermined when its rituals become compulsory?  And especially odd position for a conservative.
anyway, thanks for writing. perhaps we'll find some common ground again some day.  best, Ellis



My reply to Ellis Henican, with a copy sent to Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, Alan Combs, John Gibson, FoxNews Comments, and Newsday, was:


Greetings Ellis Henican:
With respect to my statement that you quote below that you and I "rarely ever agree", this is because you tend to see government as the answer, whereas I see government as the problem.   And my position is confirmed in the fact that it is government that promotes the religious observance of Christmas -- and now that the population is becoming more religiously diverse, a magnitude of problems are very quickly becoming apparent.  
It should come as no surprise to you that Bill O'Reilly has not even acknowledged my e-mail to him.   And to demonstrate both his narrowness of mind, as well as his failure to acknowledge, I have installed a copy of my original e-mail to him on the Ebionite web site at .   What Mr. O'Reilly and those who champion the vary worldly Christmas celebration fail to understand, is the fact that these re-born resurrected Pagan observances actually inhibit the people's own spiritual development.   And while perhaps I could explain why to someone such as yourself who is more open-minded and liberal in your thinking, I seriously doubt that Mr. O'Reilly and many of the conservative people at Fox News would be able to comprehend what I am stating.   Since Christmas and Easter are intimately entwined -- and both celebrations emanate out of the religion of Mithraism -- then if you want to understand how these celebrations of Pagan origin negatively impact modern Christian believers, you can read the article entitled Easter Or Passover - The Choice of Death or Life @ .
I have listened to you present your position on the various shows that you have appeared on.   What has not been presented is the fact that from the perspective of the original teachings of Jesus, these Pagan religious celebrations are sacrilegious.   The question becomes can you be faithful to the primary teachings of Jesus, and worship in the manner of the heathen Nations?   And while they believe that it doesn't really matter, this delusion they are under is because their whole religious doctrinal foundation is built upon the dogma of Pagan Rome and the doctrines forced upon the Church by the Emperor Constantine in the fourth century (see The Death Of The Religion Of Jesus @ ).     And while I understand that you are a busy man, there is much information to prove what I am saying in the above article on Easter vs Passover.  
Good luck in your battle against those who choose to remain status quo and ignorant,
The Rev. Allan Cronshaw
480 Maitland St.
East Meadow, NY 11554
P.S. I don't normally use my status as a Reverend except to officiate at weddings and other interactions with government.   To those who know me, I am an Ebionite of the Nazirene Vow of Consecration -- a Shepherd and Guide in the original teachings of Yeshua and TheWay.



It appears that FoxNews is only Fair and Balanced within the scope of their thinking.   


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