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Statement To Bill O'Reilly


Greetings Mr. O'Reilly:
As I have written to you before: While Every religion has the absolute right to teach it's body of believers it's own fundamental doctrines and version of the realities of life, when government intervenes in religious affairs, and censors necessary facts in order to promote the popular and politically correct dogmatic view of the institutionalize majority, then the government ordination of that dogmatic position works to not only spiritually disenfranchise the whole body of believers, but to undermine the very purpose of the religious teachings themselves.   And this is what the government ordination of Christmas has done to the teachings of Jesus.   While it is understandable that Christmas is a Federal holiday because of the Christian majority, if government is going to endorse this holiday, then their continued censorship of the facts to schoolchildren and all government endorsed historical accounts is not only a cruel detriment to the people, but is UnConstitutional.   Government has the obligation to tell the facts -- and all the facts -- and the present censorship of the facts surrounding Christmas is in effect spiritually disenfranchising both schoolchildren and the believer community.   You can find this contest entry detailed at -- which is off the main site at .


While Bill O'Reilly and Fox New have not responded to my previous challenges, in January 2006 Bill sponsored a contest to Bloviate with him on the air and defend a submitted position.   I sent him both the required entry above, and created the below web page where my position is detailed which outlines how government sponsorship of Christian holidays not only negatively impacts the higher purpose of Christianity as a religion, but also crosses over the boundary of separation of church and state because it ordains a very worldly and carnal interpretation of religion.   If government is going to endorse a religious holiday, then it has an obligation to equally present all positions regarding that holiday -- and not just the one promoted by a very Pagan and secular element within the history of the Church.   While a religion is free to promote any belief that it desires, government censorship in the promotion of one faction, over other more spiritual expressions of that same religion and holiday observance, not only crosses over the Constitutional line, but inflicts severe damage upon the purpose of the religion itself. 



  government censorship 





Every religion has the absolute right to teach it's body of believers it own fundamental doctrines and version of the realities of life.   When government intervenes in religious affairs, and censors necessary facts in order to promote the popular and politically correct dogmatic view, then the government ordination of that dogmatic position works to not only spiritually disenfranchise the whole body of believers, but to undermine the very purpose of the religious teachings themselves.   And this is what the government ordination of Christmas has done to the teachings of Jesus.   While it is understandable that Christmas is a Federal holiday because of the Christian majority, if government is going to endorse this holiday, then their continued censorship of the facts to schoolchildren and historical accounts is not only a detriment to the people, but UnConstitutional.

In the words of Prof. Elaine Pagles, in her book, The Gnostic Gospels:  It is the winners who write history - their way.   No wonder, then, that the viewpoint of the successful majority has dominated all traditional accounts of the origin of Christianity… It suggests that these religious debates - questions of the nature of God, or of Christ - simultaneously bear social and political implications that are crucial to the development of Christianity as an institutional religion.  In simplest terms, ideas which bear implications contrary to that development come to be labeled as heresy; ideas which implicitly support it become orthodox”.

What does this mean?   It means that the most carnal and worldly group of Christians entered into a covenant with the Emperor Constantine in the fourth century, and all the genuine spiritual Christians and Ebionite disciples of Jesus who refused to accept the religious doctrines of Pagan Rome, were hunted down and killed (see The Death Of The Religion Of Jesus).   In order to support the government suppression of the Spiritual Essence of the Church, and recreate it as a secular institution, the scriptures went through a process of editing and corrupting in order to make them support the the doctrines that Constantine force upon a large segment of the Christian world (see Bible Corruption).   And while both biblical scholars and historians had long suspected suspected this redirection from a purely spiritual religion to a secularized institutionalized type of Church, it came as no surprise that the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls had demonstrated what they suspected all along.    That modern Christianity had evolved through the process of a number of changes that totally altered its essence and objectives, and the present Church had very little in common with the original teachings of Jesus.    And this was confirmed in the words of many of the scholars sush as A. Powell Davies who explained: “Biblical scholars were not disturbed by what they found in the Dead Sea Scrolls because they had known all along that the origin of Christianity was not what was commonly supposed to have been”.  



  Cruel results of 

government sanctification




Government should be in the position to state the facts apart from the political correctness of having to censor historical facts in order to appease one faction within a religion.   While in the past such holidays as Christmas has been traditionally observed throughout most government funded public schools throughout the Nation, the government has ipso facto supported the Church-faction by, in the same vein, censoring important facts in order to accommodate the doctrines of that faction.   In my original communication with Bill O'Reilly I demonstrated the Pagan origins of Christmas, and documented that at the founding of our Nation it was against the law to celebrate the holiday in many Protestant communities (see Previous Letter).    Yet, none of the facts surrounding why this holiday was outlawed when religious groups came to the New World in their quest for religious freedom is every revealed to American schoolchildren.   In like manner, it is never revealed to the students that the doctrines of the Church of Rome became fixed, by virtue of the fact that all Christians and followers of Jesus who did not accept the very Pagan doctrines of the Emperor Constantine, were hunted down and murdered.   What I bring up are not so much dogmatic differences between factions within the Church -- but rather, direct government intervention into the doctrines of the Church which brought about the death and destruction of what the Dead Sea Scrolls and other such discoveries prove to be the genuine believers.  

When Edmund Wilson, an expert who worked on the Dead Sea Scrolls asked the question as to what difference it makes if “Jesus... had been trained in the discipline and imbued with the thought of a certain Jewish sect, and that he had learned from it the role that he afterwards lived...” (The Scrolls From The Dead Sea), the defectiveness of the doctrines of Constantine which are at present commonly adhered to in place of the actual teachings of Jesus -- erroneous Pagan doctrines which are supported by censorship of the facts -- denies the child the knowledge necessary to make intelligent choices in their life.   Once again, we are not talking about doctrinal disputes between factions within the Church -- but rather, government intervention into the Church which totally changed its focus and message from a purely spiritual foundation, to an institutional government organization that no one was permitted to in any manner oppose -- and live.       


  Culture Of Ignorance 




Because government has defined religion by the very faction that it endorses, we dwell in a culture of spiritual ignorance that is the detriment to all Americans.   Secularism, and our traditional systems of education, can only take a child's mind to a certain point, and then the ability to learn and evolve beyond that point begins to flat-line.    One of the primary elements of the teachings of Jesus known as TheWay, was to guide the faithful flock beyond natural limitations of awareness, and open the inner door that enables them to be able to access those areas of mind that are beyond normal organic limitations of consciousness.   But because of the government takeover of the Church and the adoption of the thinking of the most worldly and heathen of Romans and Greeks as the new fourth century Christian standard, the world was plunged into an abyss of ignorance that it has yet to emerge out of.  

Because of institutionalized censorship of the historical facts, it is not easy for most people to grasp the extent that their present day religious beliefs have  been totally molded by the political forces of the past who murdered the true disciples of Yeshua and TheWay.    As just one example of the censorship: In 1920 the Encyclopedia Britannica, which was a British institution, had gained popularity in the American market. Therefore, the fourteenth edition had both an American as well as a British staff and publishing house, and it was dedicated to both King George of England, as well as President Hoover. The eleventh edition, which was published in 1910, had gained worldwide notoriety, and was known as the Scholars Edition. The twelfth and thirteenth editions were basically updates of the eleventh.  In the years before the release of the fourteenth edition when it had begun to emerge in the American marketplace, it was immediately met with resistance. England, which is a Protestant country, tended to openly publicize the corruption of the early church. The position of the Protestant Church has always been that since they have the Bible, and the Bible was the pure word of God, the corruption of the church prior to the Reformation did not impact them. It must also be understood that this openness with respect to the history of Christianity was understandably frowned upon by the Roman Catholic Church in the United States. Thus, this boast was made in the 1928 Westminster Catholic Federation in its annual report: "The revision of the Encyclopedia Britannica was undertaken with a view to eliminate matter which was objectionable from a Catholic point of view and to insert what was accurate and unbiased. The whole of the 28 volumes were examined, objectionable parts noted, and the reasons for their deletion or amendment given. There is every reason to hope that the new edition of the Britannica will be found very much more accurate and impartial than its predecessors."  If one compares the eleventh edition with the fourteenth, the differences between the two represent a rather drastic and profound rewrite of numerous important historical facts. So much so, that the eleventh edition can still be found in many of our libraries today -- can be accessed over the internet -- and is often referred to as the un-castrated edition of the Britannica. While the Roman Catholic Church viewed the many detailed articles contained in the Eleventh, Scholars Edition of the Britannica, as being biased and objectionable from a church perspective, the result of the censorship that had been adopted by not only the Britannica, but all such works of reference, has had a profound effect with respect to the disenfranchisement of the student from the actual historical facts of the past in the study of religion.





  Perpetuation Of A Cultural and Religious Fraud 

An answer to Althea, an acknowledged Pagan, through a new letter to Bill O'Reilly.   The following letter was sent to Bill O'Reilly on Nov. 27th, 2007.  

Shalom Althea:
In answering your questions about the Christmas fraud, I am sending my reply to Bill O'Reilly as a reminder that there is an outstanding challenge to his Bloviate with Bill contest (see ), and this includes a previous letter to Bill in answer to his statement that he "...would like to hear from one rational American who would oppose you on this issue, I decided that enough was enough!!!" (see ).    Here I am, a rational American who opposes Christmas on historical and spiritual grounds, which is being censored from impressionable school children to their own detriment.   And with respect to the above previous communications, only Elis Henican from Newsday even acknowledged that there might be issues that either Bill O'Reilly and the conservatives at Fox News has not even considered (see ).    I am also copying this response to you to Fox New Comments, in order to demonstrate that there are issues where Fox News simply is not fair and balanced.   Perhaps this year Elis will present to Bill and others that there is a purely religious objection to the charade that is being propagated under the guise of celebrating Christ's birthday -- as well as an ethical issue of using government to promote a religious lie.   And the fact that government is promoting this doctrinal lie of the Church, is where the case can be made that the federal holiday has crossed the line of the separation of Church and State, and is therefore unconstitutional.   Further, I am going to put a copy of this letter on the Bloviate with Bill page at .
You ask: While we all know that the celebration of Christmas actually is a Pagan celebration, isn't it also true that we can create the reality of the meaning of that day according to our own beliefs and thoughts? And since we have no exact date for the birth of Yeshua (Jesus), is it a sin to use the created and original Pagan celebration and turn it into our own reality of celebrating the birth of Yeshua? Or must we find a different time and way to celebrate his birth? This comes from mere curiosity, and a way of understanding what TheWay would choose as more fitting of a proper method?  Althea
Ignorance is not bliss!   From the perspective of the teachings of Jesus and TheWay, the Christmas celebration is a fraud.   Prior to being called Christmas, it was the celebration of Sol Invictus ["the Unconquered Sun"] (see ), which had itself replaced the celebration of the Saturnalia.   As you are aware, December 25th represents the Pagan celebration of the re-birth of the sun, or the proverbial sun-god, as it begins it's journey back to the northern hemisphere.   With the celebration of Easter (Isis, the goddess of spring), being the resurrection of the sun-god as it crosses over the equator.   And while December 25th is a holy day to Pagans, Wiccans, Druids and most of the earth religions that worship the sun and the elemental diva-gods of nature, in practice it represents a direct rejection of the spiritual essence of the teachings of Jesus and TheWay.    
Why would any sincere believer in Jesus want to celebrate everything that he rejected?   And is historically a factual fraud?   In the same way that people such as Bill O'Reilly portray what he calls the "loony left" as hating everything that America is and stands for, Christians who celebrate the Christmas fraud are themselves embracing everything that the historical Jesus condemned and opposed.   But the problem is: How do they even begin to convey this to the congregation of believers.   As an example: Easter is a transliteration of the Pagan goddess of spring -- i.e., Ishtar the moon goddess, or the goddess of spring (see The Pagan Origin Of Christmas And Easter @ ).    While conservatives portray secular progressives as the "looney left" who misrepresent American positions, secular progressives should begin to portray conservatives such as Bill O'Reilly as the "looney right" who further their own agenda by censoring and twisting the facts.   The promotion of Christmas as having anything to do with Jesus, is synonymous with taking the Communist Manifesto of Carl Marx, and putting it fourth as the American Constitution.    In the same way that the Communist Manifesto is the antithesis of everything in opposition to the Constitution, Christmas is the antithesis of everything in opposition to both the goals and essential teachings of Jesus.   
It is not that the celebration of Christmas is a sin -- but rather, an opportunity lost.   There were important reasons why Jesus rejected the ways of the Pharisees, as well as Pagan Rome -- and to ignore those reasons why both were openly rejected, as well as to promote a fraud that perpetuates a bogus lie, is simply being a part of the problem with respect to the human struggle for Truth.   And while those who could give a hoot for Truth have a perfect right to celebrate the birth of the Roman sun-god in the Christmas celebration, or celebrate the resurrection sun-god on Easter/Ishtar, they should have the decency to at least tell the people the truth if they are going to make it a Federal Holiday.   While it is one thing for religions to promote parochial doctrines that are often half-truths, misinformation that supports their dogma, and even outlandish lies, it is quite another thing for the government to censor the facts from unknowing impressionable school children, while promoting those lies.    My position is that if government is going to observe a day as a Federal Holiday, then it has the obligation to tell the facts and truth about that day of observance -- regardless of the fact that the Church wants desperately to suppress the facts.    At present the government schools are censoring that facts surrounding the truth about the Pagan connection of sun-worship, while promoting and advancing the parochial doctrines of the Church which is intended to deceive the congregation of believers.     If the Churches were to tell the people the truths about the Pagan origins of Christmas and Easter, the believers might begin to question the source of Church dogma and doctrines that support this celebration.    And while it may appear harmless when wrapped in gift wrapping, lighted glittering trees and Christmas carols, it truly is the proverbial wolf dressed in sheepskin -- a sheepskin weaved from the holocaust destruction of the true followers and disciples of Jesus in the fourth century (see The Death Of The Religion Of Jesus @ ).    
Jesus stood for Truth and TheWay when he opposed the folly of the Pharisees who threw away the Key of Knowledge and opposed the very spiritual essence of what the scriptures taught.   And while people such as Ann Coulter opposes the godlessness of liberalism in her books, the true source of this godlessness is the very Church which she actively promotes -- or the perfection of Jews through the practice of Paganism (see ).   To even suggest that Jesus would have embraced the celebration of the Saturnalia or Sol Invictus -- i.e., the rebirth of the Pagan sun-god -- which collectively promoted the thinking, mindset and lifestyle of the heathen world -- is pure lunacy.   Thus, while people such as Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity and John Gibson who wrote the book The War on Christmas: How the Liberal Plot to Ban the Sacred Christian Holiday Is Worse Than You Thought can portray the left as loony because they twist and censor essential facts, on issues near and dear to them, they are doing exactly the same thing.  
The historian knows what Christians are in denial of -- i.e., that Rome was not converted to the religion of Jesus -- but rather, the religion of Jesus was converted to the Paganism of Rome.   So the question then becomes: Would Jesus approve of the continued promotion of this Paganism?   Would Jesus celebrate the victory of Paganism over the teachings that he gave his life to free the people from the shackles of ignorance and spiritual corruption?   Christmas, then, while wrapped in all its glitter and words of inspiration, represents the celebration of the Fall of the teachings of Jesus and TheWay.    It is a celebration of my own death as an Ebionite elder named Matthew in that life (see ), as well as a celebration of the murder of other core members of This Forum, and a celebration of the death and destruction of the core essential teachings of Jesus himself.    So why would I want to celebrate the victory of evil over good?   Of a lie over Truth?   And why would I want to have any part in the promotion of the continued censorship of the facts, to impressionable unknowing school children?   If the Church is truly as I have portrayed it in the role of The Christian Judas (see ), then why would I want to join Judas in the further demise of my brother Yeshua/Jesus?    And with respect to someone such as yourself who is openly a Pagan, you should oppose the Christmas celebration on the grounds that it has corrupted the open worship of the sun-god.    While Christians condemn you for your Pagan beliefs, in their promotion of Pagan celebrations under the guise of the birth of Jesus, are Christians any less the hypocrite Pharisees who Jesus condemned for deceiving the the people with the promotion of their traditions and manmade doctrines over Truth?    As a Pagan, you should want to take back your holy day, and have the fraud acknowledged that has been long promoted by the Church.   How can the Church condemn you as a Pagan, when it actively promotes Pagan doctrines and celebrations in the name of Messiah/Christ?   The name of the sun-god that Pagan's worship on December 25th, was not named Jesus -- and the renaming of this Pagan celebration should be as offensive to you, as it is to the true followers and disciples of Jesus and TheWay.    
Allan who lived as Jacob, Brother Of Yeshua/Jesus

Previous Communication With Althea

Shalom Althea:
In the core original scriptures, Yeshua was born on the Biblical New Year which is called Rosh Hashanah -- and it is portrayed as the time of physical renewal and birth.   In view of the fact that the lunar cycles control the lower natures of the body, and the time of physical birth and renewal is of course an opposite polarity to the Passover, which is presented as a sequence of spiritual birth.   Which means that the allegory of the crucifixion is in fact the portrayal of achieving the next stage of birth.   From the perspective of the Divine Pattern and male/female, there is much to consider in the article on the difference between Passover and Easter which you can find at .   In Spiritual Alchemy, the movement and timing sequences of the Laws is everything.  
Because of the holographic reality of Creation, if you begin to understand the the cycles and Laws that control the physical, you can then apply this knowledge to each subsequent level of Creation.   December 21st is of course the day that the sun bottoms out in the southern hemisphere, and it begins its ascent on December 25th, which is the proverbial rebirth of the sun-gods.   And while because of the Laws, the day is valid in its own right, its importance from an Alchemical perspective is downplayed by virtue of the fact that the sun is a male power -- and male sexual energy is either on or off, as in day or night.   On the other hand, alchemical conception of the third-force is controlled by the feminine, and this is the reason why the Bible is from the perspective of a lunar calendar.   These important cosmic cycles are explored in the above article.











  Culture Of death 




Because the people's understanding of life is based upon the Pagan mindset and doctrines of Rome -- which are supported by the Pagan celebrations of Easter and Christmas (see Easter Or Passover) -- the United States exists as a spiritually disenfranchised people.   Such absurdities as Darwinism and the Theory of Evolution are permitted to mold the thinking of our children, because Christianity has a flawed foundation that inhibits the believers from comprehending and manifesting the Truth in their lives.  














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