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A Letter To Martha Stewart



Allan Cronshaw

480 Maitland Street

East Meadow, NY 11554


August 4th, 2004




 Martha Stewart

48 Turkey Hill Road

Westport, CT 06880

Greetings Martha:

Why have you been prosecuted?   Not for the reasons that you think.   Further, if you take the time to read this short letter, you can turn your encounter with the Judiciary back upon your persecutors, and simultaneously help a countless number of others.  Perhaps you have heard of me -- many call me the Long Island Mystic (see ).   I am the spiritual leader of the Ebionite Restoration Movement see ), who in a past life lived as the historical Jacob/James, who was the brother of Yeshua/Jesus (see ).   Myself and others have many times re-entered this world to guide others in TheWay into the Kingdom within (see ).   And as someone who has developed the ability and awareness to observe the Laws of the earth moving in the lives of men and women, let me assure you that your legal problems were in fact brought on by the Higher Laws working in yours and others lives.   And in the same way that you relied upon the legal counsel of this world to assist you in the courts of the earth, I am writing to make you aware of the Higher Laws that your attorneys know nothing about -- and to convey to you that your negative experiences can be reversed and made one of the most positive accomplishments in your life.   All of life is a series of positive and negative cycles -- and the more you learn to embrace the negative, the greater the wave when the polarity reverses into the positive cycle.  

While you may initially reject such a statement, let me confirm to you that your own soul/higher self (see ) not only knew about your legal problems that you would experience prior to your entering into this life, but orchestrated the part that you have played as a sacrificial lamb in order to invoke change.   The degree of change will of course be up to you.   And since all things have the capacity of being used for good in the lives of men and women, you have the opportunity of turning your problems into a catalyst whereby the Laws are invoked in order to bring about necessary change -- change for the good of many.   In order to accomplish this you had to enter this life and become someone of the stature of Martha Stewart -- others had to persecute you for things that they are themselves guilty of -- and you had to then understand the workings of the Laws, and permit the turning of these Laws in order to bring about positive change for those who do not have the means and power to help themselves.   Further, all that is required on your part is an elementary understanding of the Laws and how they work, and the proper state of mind that would reverse the polarity of the Laws in relation to those who persecuted you -- and in the turning of the Laws, the predator becomes the hunted -- and in safeguarding society from the predator, the whole of your experiences can become a force for good that can alleviate the suffering of many.  

You have no doubt heard the saying that what goes around comes around, and the biblical warning that each person reaps what they sow?  And while we like to think that we have choices and free will, we are constantly confronting our own past that is perpetually returned back to us throughout our lives -- and we each have lived many.   These events that we experience throughout our life are brought about by the Laws which the Deist framers of our Constitution called the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God.   Further, our modern science which has itself begun to immerge out of the dark ages, has proven that all of life as we know and experience it, is controlled by the higher reality of that parallel realm they call the (Etheric) Field which surrounds all physical matter, and is the causal-force that is primary throughout all of Creation.   In his book, Urbausteine der Materie, physicist Walter Thirring wrote about matter that modern physics “…has put our thinking about the essence of matter in a different context.   It has taken our gaze from the visible - the particles - to the underlying entity, the field.   The presence of matter is merely a disturbance of the perfect state of the field at that place; something accidental, one could almost say, a ‘blemish’.   Accordingly, there are no simple laws describing the forces between elementary particles… Order and symmetry must be sought in the underlying field.” 

In the same way that you have made it your life’s work developing your skills and building your company, Martha Stewart Living, I have made it my life’s work developing those areas of mind that would enable me to look beyond what the scientist refers to as the “blemish”, which is the physical matter where the forces of the field conjoin and often collide -- enabling me to perceive the “symmetry… in the underlying field” which is the Source of all events that transpire in this world.   When you entered this life acquiring the power and prominence of Martha Stewart -- knowing that you would be attacked and persecuted -- your soul/higher self knew that I would write this letter to you explaining what you must do to turn the negative into a positive, and thereby alleviate the suffering of those who do not possess the power to help themselves.   And in the same way, while those who look only at the blemish are misled into concluding that the case against you was contained in the cause of action entered into the court record by your persecutors, there was another more important reason for your experiences that can only be known to those who have developed the ability to perceive and look into the etheric causal “…underlying field.”  

When I initially heard of your plight I observed the workings of the Laws, and I have been using your case among those I guide in order to demonstrate the deeper synchronicity that originates in the causal etheric inner reality, and then connects all the many occurrences and events of life that the vast majority of people are totally unaware of.   To explore this synchronicity, I have opened a web page that explains the workings of these Laws in depth (see  which is on the web site at ).  

My perception of your situation is that on the surface you have been prosecuted for something that was a natural defensive mechanism on your part -- and while I am not writing to examine your supposed guilt or innocence, it remains true that from a higher perspective, those who prosecuted you were revealing their own guilt.   Life is God’s University that His prodigal son/daughter offspring attend until which time they have matured spiritually and are able to return to the Edenic Kingdom of Origination.   And what each of us is presented with in the lives we live is a psychological drama where we constantly see a reflection of ourselves in the people and events in the outer world.   From a biblical perspective, the carnal Jews persecuted the Messiah, because they had crucified the Messiah within themselves.   And in like manner, those who persecuted you, were driven to do so because they perceived a reflection of themselves in you.   In the deeper reality of life, in persecuting you they brought about the circumstances of their own self-judgment.   Thus, by Law, our own judgments are returned back upon us: "Judge not, that you be not judged. For with what judgment you judge, you will be judged; and with the measure you use, it will be measured back to you (Matt 7:1-2 NKJ).   As can be seen on the web site , your persecutors were not only guilty of the same crime, but far more than you could ever begin to realize.     

While you many perceive your success in this life as a combination of hard work in conjunction with good fortune, let me confirm to you that your accomplishments were predestined prior to your birth and entrance into this life as Martha Kostyra.   And while you may have expended a great deal of hard work and dedication, you arose to an elevated position because you have many times in the past accomplished an abundance of great things.   Thus, you are a soul who could be relied upon, and used as a vessel to bring about the greater good.   Therefore, people such as yourself are often persecuted because of your soul’s desire to bring about change in the lives of others, and persecution is often necessary to initiate change which can only be brought about by invoking the Laws.   Because the people in our government no longer possess the wisdom and knowledge of the Laws that the ancient seers did, it is our leaders who undermine their own initiatives -- wrecking havoc upon the lives of their constituents.   Our schools are dungeons of ignorance and iniquity, because of similar judicial causes of action that has brought about your own prosecution.  In like manner, our very lifestyle is presently being threatened, because our leaders have violated the Laws that the framers of our Constitution made reference to.   

My only personal objective is to alleviate the suffering that has been wrought upon the people.  I am a servant of the Lord -- I enter life only to guide others in TheWay.   And if you, therefore, desire to serve a higher purpose and turn the Law upon the judiciary that not only endemically lies, but shackles the lives of innocent men, women and children to the philosophical dungeons of ignorance of this world, then pass on a copy of the within letter to the Nassau County Bar Association to all those who have persecuted you.   Why?   If you understand that your own persecution was brought about by the Laws working in yours and others lives, and you forgive them, while passing on to them the within letter which places their judgment of you back in their own laps, in their own denial they will invoke the Laws against themselves in our lifetime rather than in the future.   In truth, they not only prosecuted you for crimes that are rampant among themselves, but their own crimes far exceed any crime that you may have committed.   

There are a number of elements of Law at play -- i.e., you represent one side of the equation.   I make the link to the Deputy Prosecutor who was caught red-handed lying and fraudulently abusing the law, and he represents another side (see ).   While the government was willing to prosecute you, another part of the equation is seen in the refusal of District Attorney Dennis Dillon to prosecute corruption in the judiciary and legal profession.   And while the average person cannot perceive the connection in the events that transpire in this world, I am able to connect and link up all the pieces in order to invoke the Laws and bring about change for the greater good.  All that is needed is for you to understand your part in the equation as a sacrificial lamb necessary to the higher good -- your forgiveness of those who persecuted you for the same crimes they are guilty of -- and the presence of those in government who prosecuted you to ignore and turn a blind eye to the corruption detailed in the within letter to the Bar Association and associated web link.   That these people think that I am nuts, merely energizes the interaction of the Laws – which workings of the Laws that are presented and detailed throughout my writings, will take care of the rest.   If I can be of assistance to you in clarifying any point in the above, my e-mail address is .



Peace, Love and Light,


Allan Cronshaw