Shalom, and Greetings Bill O'Reilly:
For weeks I have been listening to you, Sean Hannity who I deeply admire, and of course John Gibson who wrote the book, rail and tongue-lash everyone who opposes and rejects the traditional Christmas celebration.   But in view of the fact that I rarely ever agree with Ellis Henican from Newsday, and you said to him that you would like to hear from one rational American who would oppose you on this issue, I decided that enough was enough!!!
As an Ebionite (see ), I cover my head in the traditional biblical prescribed manner -- and as a man of the Nazirene Vow of Separation, no razor has touched my beard in 21 years, nor my hair in 10 (see ).   And while I am not Jewish, few people would not take me for an Orthodox Jew.   So let me begin by telling you that from a purely Jewish perspective, many Jews are justifiably offended when they are told merry Christmas.   When a man stands in front of you wearing a Yarmulka and a beard, and you wish him a merry Christmas, this can be constituted as disrespectful.    But from an Ebionite perspective, the issue is even more of an abomination.    
Personally, many sincere Christians who place truth on a higher level than tradition, also have good reason to be offended.   The Puritans, as just one example, came to this country to get away from a government that forced what was a very Pagan celebration disguised as having anything to do with Jesus upon them.   And in early Puritan New England, it was against the law to celebrate Christmas.   Additionally, Jehovah's Witnesses and many other Evangelical Christians who have become aware of the Pagan origin of the celebration as Saturnalia with a new name, are equally offended by the idea that this traditional day of heathen worship has anything in common with what Jesus taught.   In fact, just the opposite is true.  
Throughout history, there have been many holocausts.   One such holocaust which gets little attention, transpired in the fourth century when the Roman Emperor Constantine murdered all the Ebionite/Nazirene disciples of Jesus (see ), as well as the more Spiritual of Christians who have traditionally been called Gnostic by the Roman Church, because they refused to accept the religion of the Emperor.   And from a spiritual perspective, the religion of Jesus died as the armies of Constantine hunted down those sincere believers who were condemned as heretics because they refused to ascribe to what was perceived to be a total corruption of the very essential elements of what Jesus taught, and what his teachings were intended to bring about in the lives of men and women who dwelt in the spiritual darkness of this world.  
In many respects, Christmas, along with Easter, which is the celebration of Ishtar, the Pagan goddess of spring, should be a day of morning for truth-seekers.   These very Pagan celebrations, should be commemorated as the true death of the teachings of Yeshua who most people call Jesus (Zeus/Isis), and the teachings of TheWay which was never intended to be separate from Judaism, in much the same way that Hasidism exists today as a more spiritual and mystical expression of Judaism.     Like the song American Pie which portrays the day the music died, in the celebration of the birth of the Mithraic Christ, the teachings of Yeshua and TheWay became outlawed and basically ceased to exist.   On the Ebionite web site you will find a quotation from the Epistle of Peter to James which not only states that the most important scriptures were never even given into the hands of the Gentile converts because of their corruption of the texts and the inability of the heathen mindset to grasp the higher spiritual principles of the teachings of Yeshua and TheWay -- but also the fact that if these more spiritual scriptures were corrupted and lost, that  "...those who really seek the truth, [would perpetually] always to wander in error."    And yet, with the murder of the true disciples of Yeshua (Jesus) and the editing and corruption of the biblical texts in order to make them support the doctrines of Pagan Rome (see ), to "...those who really seek the truth", Christmas should be looked upon as a day of morning -- the day the Truth died, and mankind was cast into the abyss of spiritual darkness.
In reply to your statement that you would like to speak to even one intelligent man who opposes Christmas, unless you consider me a fool for my allegiance to Truth over (Pagan) tradition, then you have indeed met such a man.   And in accepting your challenge, I will post this letter on the Ebionite web site for everyone to see.
Peace, Love and Light in TheWay,
Allan Cronshaw
480 Maitland St.
East Meadow, NY 11554