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The Laws We Live Under: Science has already verified the warnings of the Mystics, and proven that all events in this world are brought about by forces which they portray as an Etheric Field which surrounds all matter (see http://UnityOfMind.org ).    Thus, as Shakespeare said in the phrase that "All the world is a stage", the lives of most men and women are as puppets being danced upon the stage of life by the underlying Laws which animate every aspect of their lives.   While this reality -- in some ways related to the tenets of Calvinism which the modern Christian for the most part rejects -- has been long attested to by mystics and visionaries, only recently has this fact been proven by modern science.   Yet, for largely philosophical and political reasons, this fact is totally ignored by those who the people look to as authorities.   And because they hide their heads in the sands of complacent ignorance like an ostrich, they choose to remain oblivious to the very strings that dance them.    Further, in the same way that the Bible is outlawed in many Muslim countries, anyone who attempts to embrace the stream of higher understanding that has begun to be revealed by numerous sources, is immediately rejected.   Why?   Because of the looming question of legitimacy -- i.e., the legitimacy of our ideas about life -- the legitimacy of our religious and philosophical beliefs -- the legitimacy of the institutions which man has built -- and even the legitimacy of the lives which we live.    And like the proverbial ostrich, because the stream of knowledge and revelation has indicated that our flawed ideas of life are immersed in a sea and quagmire of illegitimacy, we have chosen to hide our heads in the sands of profound ignorance.  

If we printed our own money, we would be prosecuted for counterfeiting.   If we thwarted the laws of our country, and declared ourselves to be above the law, we would be brought before the courts.   If we created our own laws, and attempted to prosecute others as our own judge and jury, then we would be infringing upon the rights of others -- and those imbued with the obligation to protect the rights of the people, would be required to move against us.   Yet, when the modern scientist proves the validity of the biblical assertion that there is a Higher Law than that of the governments of this world -- and quantum physics proves that there is a higher reality than what we see with our physical eyes and senses -- we hide our heads in the sand -- refusing to acknowledge the Truth.

What our culture, government, and so called institutions of learning is requiring of us, is to continue to embrace a series of intellectually bankrupt philosophical ideas about life and ourselves, in order to promote a business as usual mindset -- i.e., their business.    For the most part what we portray as religious beliefs, are merely in support of the modern culture -- and have little to do with the actual spiritual teachings upon which these religions were originally based.   While many people of a rational mind oppose Christianity and the Church, what they totally fail to realized is that modern Christianity has absolutely nothing in common with the original teachings of Jesus -- and the objectives of the religious path originally known as TheWay.   The Church has been totally framed by the Church of Rome (see The Christian Judas) -- and the Bible was edited and made to support the doctrines of Pagan doctrines of Rome (see Bible Corruption).   With respect to the counterfeit nature of our culture vs true higher reality: It is as if we are required to accept counterfeit money -- live as renegades outside of the Laws -- relinquish our rights to illegitimate authorities -- surrender our gift of reason that sets man apart from the brute creatures of the earth -- in order to go along with the charade of a fraud that is being perpetrated upon an unsuspecting public who is too intoxicated with the drunken nectar of illusion, to even care about the consequences and results of a life shackled as slaves in the abyss of absolute ignorance.   

As a person begins to become enlightened to the higher truths and realities of life, both the governments and the churches require those who subscribe to their doctrines, mindset and philosophies, to totally disavow the the Source of Truth.    And since this Source is within them, the very institutions of this world which are supposed to support the lives that people live, are in fact the very reason why most people become alienated from their true inner self -- and become disenfranchised from the Truer Higher Realities of Life.    And if you will have it, this disenfranchisement from one's own higher reality, is the meaning of the Analogy of Plato's Cave, which would be a simplified version of the parable of the prodigal son.

Development O Mind And Spiritual Transformation: In order to develop the mind beyond the organic limitations of the body, a person must not only come to understand the Higher Laws that control all events in this world -- but they must learn to interact and prevail over those Laws in order to escape the limitations of earth-consciousness.   And this is the meaning of the biblical account of when Jacob wrestled with the Angle (Laws), and became Israel -- and it is the meaning of the Book of Job.   Yet, because they are of this world, both church and state equally oppose this development -- and there is very little in our modern culture that supports true mental and spiritual development beyond a very elementary point.   Our culture which is supported by the church and the state, is imbued with a series of philosophical fossilized foundational concepts pertaining to life, which has caused us to ignorantly inhibit anyone from developing those areas of mind necessary to understand the underlying Laws and Realities that are pulling the strings on all events that transpire in this world -- as seen in the example of the case of the religious objection to the Seat Belt laws (see http://Ebionite.com/seatbelt.htm ).     Thus, we are the author of our own sufferings -- and we spend our lives condemning others for our own failure to perceive the underlying and controlling factors of the very lives that we live -- and perpetually persecuting those who seek to understand the cause of man's plight, as he is tossed too and fro by the tides of ignorance that we ourselves have brought about.    And in most instances it is this ignorance that is the prevalent reality behind the Commandment: "Judge not, lest ye be judged!" -- because when we judge others out of ignorance, our own ignorant judgments come back upon us.

In ancient times there existed wise men and women who understood the underlying Forces and Laws which control every aspect of the lives mankind lives in this world.   Sadly, the Church of Rome in it's effort to control the thinking and the lives of the people -- and maintain their rulership -- murdered all the wise men, and destroyed the storehouses of knowledge which they had faithfully accumulated over the preceding centuries.    Thus, the Church of Rome cast mankind into the abyss of the Dark Ages.   And while modern man is under the delusion that he now knows, nothing can be greater from the truth.   Further, rational thinkers who perceive the absolute idiocy of many of the most favored Church doctrines and dogma, waged a continual battle against the religious ignorance which they in many instances correctly portrayed as utter superstition.    But because their own supposedly rational arguments were from a reactionary position, and their own understanding was fragmentary and incomplete at best, the rationale which was born from their concepts of life merely bound mankind to a different variety of ignorance -- and it is this ignorance that continues to prevail in our secular society to this very day.   While all religions are founded upon core truths that are beyond human comprehension, it is the doctrines of belief that the outer flock embrace that totally remove their thinking and understanding from those core truths -- which ultimately cause each and every religion to become apostates to their own essence core.    Using Christianity as an example: In the same way that the Church no longer has an excuse to remain in its present state of profound spiritual ignorance because of the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Nag Hamaddi Library, other important discovers, and my own extensive writings which totally clarify ever aspect of the teachings of Jesus and TheWay (see http://BrotherOfYeshua.com ).   The same can now be said of the secular world or the non-religious philosopher who promotes the position that God and Religion is nothing but superstition.   Over the course of recent years, man's technology enabled him to begin to make gains which have totally undermined all man's longstanding ideas which have been ordained as rational and common sense.     And in the same way that the modern Church remains totally alienated from the very truths which the man Jesus taught -- truths which the Church ardently rejects, because of the Church's foundational manmade dogma which shackles most faithful believers to lives of ignorance -- the same is true of our secular icons and cultural philosophers.   Why?  Because much of their reasoning is based upon reactionary positions in opposition to the ignorance of the Church.   Thus, one brand of (religious) ignorance, gave birth to another brand of (reactionary non-religious) ignorance, and the manmade dogma of both, continues to enslave and shackle mankind to the abyss of dark and utter despair -- where he blindly and perpetually gropes -- never understanding that he is the author of his own sufferings.



Self-Incrimination: Jesus the quantum physicist who observed the Laws at work in the lives of the people around him.

The Failure Of The Churches: The Churches should be teaching about the Laws and how they shackle the people to lives of suffering and ignorance.

Discernment vs Judgment: Because the Churches fail to convey to the people the difference between discernment and judgment, they become entrapped by the Laws the Jesus taught to prevail over.

Court Corruption: Our Judiciary is presently operating outside the law -- and had made itself an apostate to the Constitution.  

Covenant With God - True Religion Parallels Marriage: In the same way that adultery begins in the mind -- and adultery cancels a marriage in the eyes of God -- True Religion is a Marriage Covenant with God that requires absolute fidelity.  

 The Folly Of Illegitimate Government: For government to be legitimate, it must meet certain criteria of Higher Law.  Those who support illegitimate government, are synonymous with those who support an illegitimate Church or religion.   What is illegitimate, is apostasy to the Higher Laws -- and this apostasy will incur debts to those who embrace it. 

The Struggle Against The Forces Of Ignorance: Since the dawn of time a few enlightened men and women have been forced to struggle against the profound ignorance of both religious superstition, and the fossilized almost cave man thinking of the secularist who stands in opposition to religion.  It is not a question of who is right and wrong -- but rather, which polarity of ignorance you choose to embrace. 

Can You Petition The Court?  The Bible correctly condemns those who attempt to live by the Law of God, and petition a secular court against another person.

The Laws That Will Destroy America: Our Constitutional form of government which declared We The People possessed UnAlienable God-Given Rights, was born out of the Laws that brought the new Nation forth -- and because of government corruption and The People's complacency to this corruption, these same Laws are in the process of destroying America.

The Catalyst - How I Was Denied Fundamental Rights By A Kangaroo Court Without Jurisdiction: 

Absolute Miscarriage Of Justice: What followed can only be defined as an absolute miscarriage of justice and the epitome of judicial corruption -- supported by a total dereliction of duty on the part of the Nassau County District Attorney, the New York State Attorney General, and all government authorities who were complacent in the cover up.     If there was ever any question as to the integrity of the courts -- or even the legitimacy of our government from the perspective of the Higher Universal Laws -- then this case proves that our government is a shadow government -- that the American Judiciary is not only a fraud, but lacks any Higher Standing -- and those who persecute others in the name of We The People, are themselves judged by the Higher Laws which return to each person the fruit of their own ways and folly of their actions -- or complacency to act as they should.   








Self-Incrimination:   When Jesus made the pronouncement: "Judge not, lest ye be judged!"  These words were not spoken from what we today would call a religious doctrine perspective -- but rather, from the same exact perspective as the pronouncements of a modern Quantum Physicist.    If our schools were of any real value to the students, the teacher would expound at length the very scientific reality of the above words of Jesus.   In the same way that Sir Isaac Newton was expressing his observations of the law of gravity, when Jesus stated the above words, he was expressing his observations of the Laws which entangle and keep man as earth-bound in his thinking, as gravity does his body.    And since the scriptures are not historical -- but rather, an allegorical portrayal of man's own mind (see http://DivineManna.org ) -- what is portrayed as the personage of Satan, can more appropriately be understood as that force which keeps the thinking of organic man earth-bound -- and blind to his own higher soul and spiritual reality -- a reality which our culture -- supported by both the sectarian and secular -- knows absolutely nothing about.   

What follows in this web page will provide you insight into how the Laws are perpetually presenting you with tests, in order to see if you are capable of embracing your own higher soul and spiritual reality.    In the same way that a student is given a test to see if he has learned the foundational lessons, so he can move onto the next level of instruction.   The Higher Laws which control every aspect of this life that you are living, is constantly presenting you with tests in order to determine if you are prepared to evolve to the next level of instruction and revelation.    From a spiritual perspective, these tests and their levels of development are known as Jacob's Ladder -- and often you must release yourself from the partial knowledge of the rung of the past, in order to grasp the rung which will enable you to pull yourself up the next level.   Put in another way: It is often the wind from the door of the past closing, that opens the door of new opportunity.   And since most people perpetually cling to the doctrines and mindset of the past -- both sectarian and secular -- rarely is their ever enough wind (spirit) to open the door of opportunity.    And thus, their true savior, is often the Grim Reaper, who saves them from the self-imposed limitations of themselves.

There are important objectives which the soul of man enters into life to work on achieving -- and neither the Churches or the secular philosophers of this world have any real understanding of both the objectives, or what each person must do to achieve these paramount objectives and goals.   And since freewill is an integral part of the equation, the return of the prodigal son to the Kingdom must be his own choice to bring about.   And every day each person, as portrayed in the parable of the prodigal son, is presented with a series of Tests which are orchestrated by the Laws which control every aspect of this world and the life that everyone lives, to see if they are prepared to begin the return journey to the Inner Kingdom (see http://GateOfEden.com ).   There are Two Forces -- often portrayed as the Left and Right Hands of God -- the Power of the Left Hand is often portrayed as Satan, which in the allegory of the scriptures can be related to the gravity of mind which keeps our thinking earth-bound.    Yet, it is the Power of the Right hand that is constantly attempting to guide the lost prodigal sons in TheWay, and lead them into the "Narrow Path" that draws them ever nearer to the Inner Kingdom (see http://GateOfEden.com ).   And as portrayed in the Book of Job, the objective is to pass the tests of life -- to prevail over the organic forces of the earth which like gravity, keep us totally attached to the limitations of this organic three-dimensional reality -- and in the same way that a school teacher hands out a test to the students to see if they have arrived at the level where they can move on -- we must ourselves overcome the limitations of the earth, in order for the prodigal sons and daughters to become freed from the shackles of the "citizen... of the Far Country" -- or the illusion of Plato's Cave.    

In the same way that the laws of man must reflect the pronouncement of Newton and the law of gravity as it exerts force upon man's physical body, the laws of man must reflect the above words of Jesus -- and when they fail to acknowledge this Universal Law, then the laws and institutions of man are counterfeit.   In the same way that no teacher would stand before a class and renounce the law of gravity -- stating that if the students were to jump out of the window, that they could soar to the heavens -- any teacher or law of man which does not understand and acknowledge the above words of Jesus as representing Universal Law, is an apostate to the Truth and the Facts and Realities of Life.   And since these United States were brought about to free mankind from the shackles of ignorance that has kept the thinking of man earth-bound, as such, the above words of Jesus are as much an integral element of the organic laws of the American Constitution and Jurisprudence, as are the pronouncements of the Supreme Court Justices of the United States.   Only people who dwell in abject ignorance of the Laws, would interpret these words as having anything to do with some judgment in an after-death state.   Yet, these words are as real as if the man Jesus was a school teacher who makes the pronouncement: "If you touch a hot stove, you will get burnt".     And the ills of our society, and the vast cavern of human suffering, has been all brought about by virtue of the fact that other, equally ignorant philosophers, have relegated these important words spoken from a true quantum physicist of the past, to be religious in nature -- and as such, should be ignored.

The Total Failure Of The Churches: Because the Churches were cast into the abyss of absolute ignorance when they rejected God and the teachings of TheWay by entering into a covenant with Rome and the Pagan Church of Constantine, even in our modern time the Churches remain in abject spiritual poverty of Knowledge and the necessary Wisdom to guide the flock in TheWay.   The result is that people are constantly getting burnt by the hot stoves they touch -- they are perpetually blaming everyone else for their sufferings that they have brought upon themselves -- and because they listen to the most ignorant of fools, they remain perpetually caught up in the quagmire of their own folly.   A physicist can be defined as someone who is "skilled in natural science"
And as someone who understood the underlying Laws that control all events that transpire in this world, it can be said that Jesus was a true physicist.   And this is important, because few people understand that the vast majority of his teachings among the common people, were nothing more than an explanation of the Laws that they could embrace and comprehend, in order to change their condition of life.    And for the most part, even today, most people totally lack any understanding whatsoever with respect to the Forces of Law that control most of the lives that they are presently living.    As a physicist who understood the underlying principles of this world, Jesus explained to the people that every action has a reaction -- and the Law is that when you touch a hot stove -- a hot stove that is necessary -- you will get burnt.   The Atheist reasons that if there was a God, then God would remove the suffering that results when you touch a hot stove -- and yet, without the hot stove, man would dwell in a cave man environment and mindset.   On the other hand, like the true snake oil salesmen that they are, the leaders of the Church peddled the dogma that if you believe in their (manmade) doctrines, and give them your money, that you will be exempt from getting burnt -- when in reality, just the opposite is true.   Religious snake oil salesmen have always existed -- and as can be readily seen in TheLie ( http://TheLie.org ), the Bible itself warns the believers of the simple faith that if they embrace the doctrines of the religious snake oil salesmen who are wolves in sheep's clothing, their end will be worse than when they began -- and the Laws bring about a greater judgment of pseudo-religious people such as Christians, than the Laws do those who would be considered the common sinners and unbelievers.   And because their Roman Pagan doctrines of belief have little in common the original teachings of Jesus, Christians fail to understand the warning:
“That servant who knows his master's will and does not get ready or does not do what his master wants will be beaten with many blows. But the one who does not know and does things deserving punishment will be beaten with few blows. From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked” (Luke 12:47-48 NIV see Christian Blindness To The Scriptures )  

Atheists and Secularists today have succeeded in inflicting great harm on an unknowing public who are constantly blaming others for the trials of the lives they are presently living.   These self-proclaimed voices of reason who stand in opposition to the church, religion and the belief in God, stated that because Jesus was a religious figure, that our modern culture is not permitted to even acknowledge his Wisdom and Understanding of the Laws.   Yet, in their prevailing ignorance, what they fail to understand is the fact that, in the same way that Newton pronounced his observation of the law of gravity, what Jesus stated was his own observation of the Law of Gravity of the Mind that inhibits the seeker, and keeps the lives and thinking of the people earth-bound in what is portrayed in the parable of the prodigal son as the "far country" -- and in the parable of TheCall and Wedding Feast, this condition of profound ignorance due to one's own past actions, is what is portrayed as the "outer darkness" of mind and being.   And like the counterfeit leaders of the Church who cling to the manmade doctrines of Rome, in the revolutions of time when modern physicists began to emerge out of the dark ages of man's past superstition, the cultural icons and teachers of our society have chosen to ignore the enlightened warnings of our own scientists, and continue to cling to the dogma (fossilized science) of the past.   And speaking of these Laws, Jesus stated to the people with respect to the conditions of life that they presently dwell under: "'Bind him hand and foot, take him away, and cast him into outer darkness; there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.'  For many are called, but few are chosen" (Matt 22:13-14 NKJ).    And contrary to the pseudo-doctrines of the various forms of snake oil salesmen -- i.e., both religious and non-religious -- the plight of the people is due to the fact that the Laws which control every event in the lives that people live, have cast them into what Jesus portrayed as the "outer darkness" of mind and being.    And from the perception of a true physicist who was able to observe the results of the Natural Science which has only begun to be understood today, Jesus explained to the people how to unentangle themselves from the quagmire of the Laws that have brought about the suffering that they have been experiencing.   Thus, what Jesus taught had absolutely nothing to do with what we would consider religious beliefs pertaining to an after-death state -- but rather, the underlying Laws that brought about the people's suffering from a purely Natural Science perspective.  

The people in biblical times wanted to know the answer to the same questions that are being asked today, in our own time?   Why don't I know the Truth?   Why am I living a less than desirable life of struggle and suffering?    Why am I poor?   Why am I hungry?   What is the purpose of the life that I am living?   What is my destiny?   How can I change my condition?   And Jesus, in understanding the Laws from a purely Quantum Physics Natural Science perspective, attempted to explain how the Laws have brought about lives of struggle and suffering -- lives of being poor and hungry -- lives that have cast them into a condition of profound ignorance in what he portrayed as  the "outer darkness" of mind and being.    What Jesus basically stated is that the people had listened to one group of snake oil philosophers who had convinced them that the stove with the fire of purification burning inside was not hot -- or another group of snake oil religious philosophers who had convinced them that their doctrines of belief exempt them from being burned -- and in his understanding of the Laws, Jesus taught them the underlying factors of why they were getting burnt, and bringing great suffering upon themselves.  

While the prodigal son continues to labor in vain, and struggle under the control of the "citizen of the Far Country", the Laws are perpetually presenting him with catalyst type examples of why he (the prodigal son) remains shackled to lives of suffering and absolute ignorance.   In the same way that the prosecution of Martha Stewart was orchestrated by the Laws that control this realm as explained in the article The Plight Of Martha Stewart, our own ignorance of the Laws with respect to perpetually touching a hot stove, has now set before us the case of Scooter Libby (see Whose Fall Guy?).     Not only has the case against Scooter Libby been raised up by our own perjurious judiciary, but those who have been judged and convicted by the Universal Laws that control every aspect of this life, is the American People who have permitted this judicial apostasy to become a reality in the lives of all the people of our Nation.    Are you worthy of Liberty and Freedom?   Much of what is portrayed as the evils of the world -- the ungodliness and sufferings that envelop much of mankind -- is the result of these souls blindly following the counterfeit teachers and religious and secular political leaders of this world -- and those who abuse the gift of Freedom and Liberty, will themselves become immersed in the folly of their own choices and ways.   And this too was an observation of the Law which was pronounced to mankind by Jesus, the physicist from a past age who can be defined as a true enlightened wise man who was "skilled in natural science" -- but is observations and teachings on the Laws, continues to be ignored by both the Churches and the secular teachers and authorities who lead men and women into lives of suffering and despair.    But a true man of reason would very quickly realize that both the sectarian and secular philosophers who teach man contrary to the wisdom of the physicist Jesus, each commercially benefit in the propagation of their particular brand of snake oil which the peddle to various groups of ignorant and gullible people. 

Are you prepared to move out of the "outer darkness"?    From a cosmic perspective, the Laws which control every aspect of the life that you are now living, is constantly presenting this question to you?   In ways that few would even imagine.   And this statement that I am making is not from a religious perspective -- but rather, from the perspective of Natural Science.   In the same way that Job was presented with many tests which evaluated his true essence of being, each and every person as a prodigal son or daughter, is constantly presented with the tests of opportunity which would free them from the shackles imposed upon them by the "citizen... of the Far Country".   In the same way that a school teacher perpetually attempts to guide the students into an understanding of what has been laid out in the curriculum, the Laws which control every aspect of life in this world, are perpetually presenting us with insight into the learning experience of what is best portrayed as God's School House -- and it is these same Laws that are constantly testing us, to see if we are prepared to move onto the next level of instruction -- i.e., the next rung of Jacob's Ladder.   While it is man's own past actions that have been responsible for the Laws that cast him into the "outer darkness" which is responsible for his present plight, struggles and condition -- these same Laws are constantly presenting to him the means to free himself from the quagmire of his own ignorance.    And while both the religious and non-religious snake oil salesmen will attempt to tell you what you want to hear -- so that they can profit on your present condition -- it is not until you begin to recognize that every event and condition of the life that you are presently living has been brought about by the Natural Laws which control every aspect of your life, that you can even begin to escape what you have brought upon yourself by virtue of your ignorance of the Laws.    In truth -- whoever, and whatever you are, is the result of your own past actions in conjunction with the Forces of the Natural Laws working upon you.   

And the mode of instruction in God's School House, is constantly presenting to us a multidimensional reality that touches every aspect of the lives that we live.   The Laws therefore use such people as Martha Stewart to present certain lessons to the people, because she is known by everyone.   And the case of Scooter Libby has been set before the American People in much the same way -- and reveals a reality that few people are prepared to come to terms with.   In these United States, every day people suffer at the hands of an apostate judiciary which promotes the crime of perjury in order to increase its ever expanding power over the life of the individual American.   Did Scooter Libby intentionally lie, as is maintained by one very political partisan group?    Did he honestly forget the sequence of certain events in his busy life as a public servant?   Was he a sacrificial lamb?   Or did the Laws bring him before the American People, so they could sit in judgment of both themselves, and the judiciary which claims to act in their steed?  


Discernment vs Judgment: One of the major failings of many of the Churches today is their in ability to understand the difference between discernment and judgment -- and because of this, the Churches are often totally incapable of pointing out the countless hot stoves that perpetually burn the flock of followers.   In the article entitled Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right, I demonstrate the true reason "Why the Right Gets It Wrong and the Left Doesn't Get It" -- and why the ignorance of the Laws of snake oil salesmen such as the Rev. Jim Wallis can inflict even greater suffering upon the people, than what they have already experienced.    To the man who was healed by Jesus he warned: "Afterward Jesus findeth him in the temple, and said unto him, Behold, thou art made whole: sin no more, lest a worse thing come unto thee." (John 5:14 KJV).   Was this from a religious perspective?   No!  Not at all.   The pitfalls and sufferings of life are very real.    And like Newton, what Jesus was stating was his observation of the Laws that each man reaps what they have previously sown.   And if the man again touches the hot stove after being healed and made whole, he will not only get burned -- but because he had been previously healed, the Laws will bring about an even more severe tribulation that will cause him even greater suffering.   And in the same way that we can't see the law of gravity at work -- or the laws which maintain the planets in their predictable orbits -- or the many other countless forces at work in the universe -- while we can't see the Laws that return to each person the fruit of their own ways, we can observe these Laws at work in the life of mankind.    And a man such as Jesus who could see and interact with the higher Laws, was merely making a pronouncement of what he observed.   And once again this same reality is portrayed in the words of Paul: "But if, while we seek to be justified by Christ, we ourselves also are found sinners, is therefore Christ the minister of sin? God forbid. For if I build again the things which I destroyed, I make myself a transgressor." (Gal 2:17-18 KJV).    All the suffering of mankind today has been brought about by their own previous actions -- and the fact that even when they are warned that the Laws will return to each and every person the fruit of their own ways -- the people who embrace the path of lawlessness, will continue to be burned by the same hot stove regardless of the warnings of those who understand the Laws.  

We The People:  One thing is for certain, the cause of action against Scooter Libby was not brought forth in the name of some partisan group that has a very political ax to grind on the stage of the modern media.    The cause of action was initiated in the name of The People of the United States.     Which means that you and I -- and every American Citizen -- initiated the cause of action against Scooter Libby.    And while Mr. Libby will pay the debt that our judicial representatives deem appropriate, you and I will be judged in accord with our own judgments -- or lack thereof -- and this will be brought about by the very Laws which any enlightened physicist knows is the pervasive and all-controlling force that moves every event, person, place and thing in this Universe.    And why will this reality come upon us?   Because of the simple reality that every action must return to it's source -- every action initiates a responsive reaction -- and when the pendulum swings in one direction, it is bound by Law to swing in the opposite direction.   And in the same way that Newton's pronouncement was one of the observation of the law of gravity working upon the physical body of man, the above words of Jesus was nothing more than a (scientific) pronouncement of the Universal Laws working upon the thinking and minds of all men and women in this world.       

If I state that perjury, fraud and corruption engulfs every aspect of our judiciary, you would question: How can this be.   But would my words be any different than those of former US Supreme Court Justice Tom Clark who chaired a special committee of the American Bar Association on court corruption where he wrote: “After 3 years of studying lawyer discipline throughout this country, this Committee must report the existence of a scandalous situation that requires the immediate attention of the (legal) profession.”   And the words of Harvard Law Prof. Alan Dershowitz where he wrote: “…lying, distortion, and other forms of intellectual dishonesty are endemic among judges… I have seen corruption, incompetence, bias, laziness, meanness of spirit, and plain ordinary stupidity” (The Best Defense).   

Examples Of Court Corruption: You will ask: If this rampant corruption of our judiciary is so all-pervasive, can you provide us proof of what you are saying?   In the article entitled Endemic Judicial Corruption, I demonstrate how District Attorney's routinely lie, and their fraud and perjury is ignored and even covered up.    The much publicized case where Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong basically manufactured a bogus case of rape charges against three Duke University lacrosse players, is merely the tip of the iceberg.   Can I prove this?   Or am I just speculating?   My own dealings with a totally corrupt judiciary caused me to help others by working in the Legal Reform movement which attempts to correct the countless wrongs inflicted upon people who have been victimized by both lawyers and judges in a pervasively corrupt American system of courts.   If it is true that Scooter Libby lied, then it is because the whole of the American Judiciary is awash in perjury, fraud and corruption.   So the question that has been set before the American People who initiated the cause of action against Mr. Libby, is seen in the question: Will you judge and prosecute Scooter Libby, and continue to permit this pervasive environment of perjury, fraud and corruption, to continue unabated?   And in your name of We, The People?   Thus, the case of Scooter Libby comes back upon We, The People, and presents us with the question: Will you continue to point out the splinter in your brother's eye, while ignoring the beam in your own eye? 

One of the key statements of reality in the teachings of Jesus is the warning that, if you attempt to walk in TheWay, that the forces of this world will attempt to defeat you.   And in truth, much of what is written in the the article entitled Endemic Judicial Corruption, is merely a perpetual struggle spanning most of my life over the past thirty years.     And in the same way that Jesus warned that a true disciple will be rejected by his own family, this profound truth can easily be demonstrated in my own past.   Drawing upon my own past experiences with a corrupt judiciary: In a letter to Long Island, Nassau County Asst. Dist. Atty. Philip J. Wasilausky dated December 9th, 1990 (see Letter), I demonstrate where my ex-spouse made a sworn statement to the Nassau County Supreme Court that I had failed to make any child support or alimony payments whatsoever.   Quoting the letter and the sworn statement directly: "That contrary to the aforesaid decree, defendant has not made any payments whatsoever, in part or in whole, of said child support to the plaintiff, and is no in arrears of said child support in the sum of $61,600.00".   And in the same documents it was written: "that contrary to the aforesaid decree, defendant has not made any payments whatsoever, in part or in whole, to the plaintiff as and for her maintenance, and is in arrears in the sum of $61,600.00".    Not only is this fraudulent statement a perjurious and outlandish lie, but even after the lawyer for my ex-spouse was provided with proof that said payments had been made prior to the abduction, kidnapping, and hiding away of my children, her attorney initiated a motion for summary judgment asking that the court find in his clients favor without a trial, and award her the sum of $120,000.00.  

If it was true that this attorney was provided verifiable proof that his client had not only perjured herself -- but was fraudulently attempting to use the courts to extort monies that she was not legally entitled to -- then why would an attorney not only cover up the crime, but act in concert with a woman who was committing perjury and fraud?   There is only one answer to this question -- i.e., because lawyer fraud, perjury and extortion is so rampant in our very corrupt judiciary, that it is endemic (see  Endemic Judicial Corruption ).     Which is confirmation of the above words of both Justice Tom Clark, and Harvard Law Prof. Alan Dershowitz.    And not only did the judge who was hearing the case, as well as the Nassau County Supreme Court and Administrative Judge who are bound by the Code of Judicial Conduct to report such blatant examples of perjury and corruption to the proper authorities, ignore the fraud, but so too did then Nassau County District Attorney Dennis Dillon.    Why?   Because fraud, perjury and corruption is routine throughout the entire fabric of the American Judiciary.    In fact, lawyers and judges have so institutionalized perjury and fraud as part of their every-day modus operandi that is necessary to carry out their business of fleecing the public of their money, that if someone refuses to engage and take part in the corruption, they are punished even more severely than those who are routinely victimized by what can only be described as shameless shysters whose objective is to rob the people of all that they can steal.    But the true crime that is being perpetrated upon a suffering and spiritually disenfranchised mankind, is the fact that in these United States, this rampant crimes against humanity is being carried out in the name of We, The People!!!  

District Attorney Mike Nifong got caught, because he became embroiled in a media feeding frenzy because of the allegation that rich white college students brutally beat and raped a black stripper and exotic dancer.    Then, the agitators in the African-American community marched on Durham demanding instant justice for this black nude dancer who they portrayed as a victim of white society.   Thus, like my ex-spouse's attorney, D.A. Nifong believed that he could pursue his case against three innocent Duke University students, because fraud, perjury and corruption is endemically routine -- i.e., the every-day modus operandi of a corrupt and shameless judiciary.  

The Foundation Of Justice:  While some would like to believe that the foundation of American Justice is the Constitution, the Constitution is only in effect so long as We, The People, demand that our government representatives who act in our steed, remain faithful to its tenets and requirements.    The heart of the judicial branch of government is the system of courts -- and the courts remain Constitutional, only so long as they can be monitored by higher courts, and We, The People.    And if we pose the question as to what is foundational to a fair hearing at law, one of the primary and integral elements in the Constitutional Right to due process is guaranteed by the system of certified court minutes which are supposed to provide a record, so that the integrity and findings of the court can be accounted for.   The certified court minutes are so important, that they are basically public record.   When an appellate court reviews a case that has been set before it on appeal which is a Guaranteed Constitutional Right, those judges at an appellate level were not present in the trial court of jurisdiction.   Therefore, these appellate judges who are charged with the responsibility to review the findings of a lower trial court, must rely upon the certified court minutes.   The appellate  judges with the power to impose checks and balances on the lower coursts, were not present in the court when sworn testimony was given.   They don't know if the judge conducted himself properly -- that the court hearing was carried out in accord with Constitutional mandates -- or that the defendant was given a fair hearing -- except by reading the certified court minutes.    A true kangaroo court could have been convened -- the judges, lawyers and even the police could have engaged in any variety of unethical and even illegal behavior -- even holding a gun to the head of a witness -- and the defendant's only recourse and path to seeking justice, would be through the certified court minutes -- which is the official record of the proceedings.   But what if these crucial court records were first sanitized by the court reporters who were beholding to the judges and lawyers who provided the very environment for them to be employed?    In a taped conversation that was provided to then Nassau County District Attorney Dennis Dillon (see Letter), it was demonstrated that these supposed certified transcripts are routinely sanitized in order to protect the judge from being scrutinized by an appellate court which has the power to not only reverse the judge's ruling, but insure that the judge and/or court and government officials did not abuse their power -- power bestowed upon them by We, The People.   What the certified court transcripts insure is that those people who are brought before a court are not subjected to backroom justice and kangaroo courts.   And thus, the integrity the whole of the judicial system is founded upon the reliability of these court transcripts which are supposed to insure that Constitutional Rights are protected, and that the proper standards and judicial ethics are maintained.   And what was clearly evident on this tape recording with a court reporter, is that these supposed court minutes are routinely sanitized in order to protect the judge from appellate review and scrutiny.   In addition to the tape, other affidavits were supplied to Mr. Dillon which emphatically stated by five additional witnesses, that certain key statements they heard during a hearing were removed from the supposed certified court minutes.   

Covenant With God - True Religion Parallels Marriage:   Before we can even begin to understand the relationship of a representative government to the Power of The People, we must first understand the purpose of religion with respect to the relationship of mankind and God.   And while some would like to think of government as non-religious in its supposed secular nature, the difference between philosophy and religion can only be understood in the reality that religion is the lifestyle that proves one's philosophy to be true or false.   George Soros who is often called the messiah of the Atheists, is as religious as his right wing counterpart -- and in the life that Mr. Soros is living, he is attempting to prove that the belief in a higher power than himself is counterfeit.   While the belief that God does not exist is philosophical, George Soros is a True Believer who is attempting to prove his philosophy by virtue of the life that he is living.   George Soros is messianic, because he is totally faithful to his beliefs in every aspect of the life that he is living.   There is no infidelity in Mr. Soros, and he is conscious of every thought and action that would betray his Atheism in everything that he does.   Thus, unlike most atheist philosophers, George Soros is a true religious Atheist who is totally consumed in his faith.    It must also be understood that George Soros who is a multi-billionaire, is using his remold the government in accord with his own religious beliefs.   And as long as the American People continue to permit the judiciary to remain a corrupted and apathetic to Constitutional requirements, then the judiciary itself will remain a shackle of our own slavery.

What is Truth?   Job knew the Truth, because he prevailed against Satan -- i.e., the gravity of mind that keeps men's thinking earth-bound.   Jacob knew the Truth, because he prevailed against the Laws and became all that is represented in the Wholeness of Spiritual Israel.   As seen on the Ebionite ( http://Ebionite.com ) web site, Jesus not only Knew the Truth -- but became the Embodiment of the Truth -- because he overcame and totally fulfilled the Laws within himself -- becoming the Messiah/Christ or Anointed of God.   And the realities of these examples are not some faith-based philosophical belief -- but rather, the Reality of Laws that are designed to bring about the Destiny of all the prodigal sons and daughters represented in the reality of all of mankind.   Yet, the snake oil salesmen of the traditional Churches have a lucrative business of getting rich off of peddling a free pass to inherit the Destiny of these wise men who have actually done the required work portrayed in the Gospels.   While the secular or messiahs of the Atheists, peddle the religion that the Laws are a figment of the imagination of men such as Jesus, and there is nothing to overcome.    And the condition of the life of the reader, is greatly dependent upon which brand of snake oil has intoxicated you.    And since most people are simply complacent observers, they remain as disenfranchised from the Truth and the Inner Kingdom (see http://GateOfEden.com ), as a slave who is shackled in a dark dungeon is from the Light of Day.   

True Religion is not a philosophical belief that supports a complacent wait and see lifestyle and mindset.   This folly which is peddled by the modern Church, is synonymous with marrying someone by telephone who lives on the other side of the earth -- with both remaining where they are until the earth shifts, and brings the two, together.    While they might be married by the law of man which only sees the "letter that killeth", such an arrangement simply has no means to even begin to fulfill the Higher Laws which are the Pervading Force that Unites the Two as "one flesh".    And while these people might be married in the eyes of man, they are not in the least married in accord with the Higher Laws of God.   On the next level, ritualized Church religion can be likened to a physical marriage where the levels of interaction are limited only to the physical, sexual and emotional.    Because they threw away the Key of Knowledge, the modern Church remains totally ignorant of the true dimensions of either man and woman within the Divine Marriage, or the Spiritual Potential and Destiny of mankind as portrayed in the parable of the prodigal son.   True Religion, on the other hand, can only be understood within the context of a Spiritual Marriage -- where the husband and wife interact in a totally faithful and consecrated environment, on every level of their being -- and the requirements of this necessary environment, has nothing in common with the requirements of the domestic partnership unions of man which do little more than license sex and cohabitation.   

Can the governments of man make the two, "one flesh"?   When asked about the authority of the governments with respect to secular affairs, Jesus said to render unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar, and unto God what belongs to God -- and you can't serve two masters, because the governments are of this world.   Which means that while it is acknowledged that limited government is necessary as a facilitator to serve the needs of the people -- with the highest obligation being the protection of the God-Given Rights enumerated in the Constitution of the United States -- it is also true that when man looks to Caesar, to fulfill what only God can bring about and manifest, then this act of giving to Caesar what belongs to God, is a spiritual abomination.    And one of the crucial realities that the faithful disciple must always observe, is that spoken by the Apostles: "We ought to obey God rather then men" (Acts 5:29).   And this is true in all things.

In the case of marriage, the requirement is for the man and woman, husband and wife, to become "one flesh" (see Divine Marriage) -- i.e., "So then, they are no longer two but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let not man separate" (Matt 19:6 NKJ).   But how is this joining of man and woman brought about?   Through the power of man?   Man has no such power to make the two one -- and words are meaningless without the actions to manifest and bring them about in the reality of Truth.   Only God who Knows the hearts and minds of the people, can Ordain a Marriage -- i.e., "I am he who searches hearts and minds, and I will repay each of you according to your deeds" (Rev 2:22-23 NIV).   And the key is found in the words of Jesus when he said: "Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God what is God’s"( Matt 22:21 NIV) Man, with his words, not only does not have the power to make a man and woman "one flesh", he does not even possess the insight to perceive that condition where the two are one flesh.   If ten couples were together, unless a person possessed the vision to perceive the energy flow on an Etheric level, s/he could not tell which couple was married to whom -- or, even the evolutionary depth of the marriage.   Man does not generally have the power to look into and search the hearts and minds of others -- because his visual senses only perceive that spectrum of vibration belonging to the physical, he remains blind to the Etheric where the Union of Husband and Wife is made a reality -- and it is therefore impossible for him to even perceive if the required conditions for a Marriage to take place is present.   And in view of the fact that the people of this world are spiritually blind, neither organic man or his governments and churches that he authors and creates, even understands the principles of man and woman becoming one flesh.   But just as important is to understand that, neither does man have the power to bound God to human laws and decrees.   In China the only recognized churches are government ordained house churches -- but does Caesar in any way have the power to ordain a true Church?   Thus, the House Churches which have been ordained by man -- and embody the requirements of man -- are bogus.   It is claimed that the Dalai Lama is a reincarnation of preceding Dalai Lama's, who returns to the earth to lead the people.   When China invaded Tibet and the Dalai Lama was forced to go into exile, did the Chinese government have the power to appoint a new Dalai Lama?   While it is easy to see that an atheist Marxist government such as China has no power over spiritual matters whatsoever, this same reality is true of all things with respect to the governments of the earth.   The obligation of the government is to facilitate and serve the needs of the people -- protecting their individual rights -- and anything more than this not only causes the government to be illegitimate -- but makes it a force of evil and apostate to the Laws of the Universe and Creation.  

The Religious Test: Religious seekers -- men of the Spirit -- true people of a Higher Order -- cannot in any manner support the dictates of illegitimate government that has overstepped its Lawful bounds.   When these governments make laws which overstep the lawful boundaries of Caesar, men and women of the Spirit are bound by Law to Stand In Opposition.    And they are therefore confronted with the reality of the words: "We ought to obey God rather then men" (Acts 5:29).   Jesus condemned the Jewish sects of the Sadducees and Pharisees because they attempted to install and observe their own manmade traditions as truth, and place these traditions before the people as having been ordained by God.   What this means is that only when man embraces traditions, culture, law and religious doctrines that are legitimate from the perception of God, can man’s traditions, culture, law and religious doctrines be ordained as genuine.  

In almost every society the governments of this world claim for themselves the power to ordain a marriage union -- license a union -- recognize a union -- but do they truly possess this power?   If we seek to be genuine and authentic, we must recognize that the power of government is temporal, limited and superficial.   Moreover, what the governments and many of man's churches acclaim as genuine, is a bogus fraud from a Higher Perspective of the Laws of God.   In order to embrace what is genuine, we must question not only what we believe, but the very source and authority of what we believe.   When man speaks the words: "By the power vested in me" -- we must ask the question: What power does he speak of?   Does man have the power to make the two "one flesh"?   There are certain conditions and requirements that are necessary in order to even begin a marriage between a man and woman -- and if these conditions and requirements are not met, then no marriage can exist, or be initiated, in the eyes of God.    It is important to recognize that in numerous legal transactions the government does not even recognize the oneness of the marriage union.   If a husband states that he is acting pro se when speaking for his wife in a secular court of law, his position as a husband who is "one flesh" is immediately rejected.   Thus, the very judicial courts of man have ruled the concept of "one flesh" to be invalid in matters of law.   Therefore, it is easily demonstrated that government does not even ascribe to the requirements of God with respect to a true Marriage.   Further, in view of our modern doctrine of separation of church and state, neither does the government recognize God, or the sacredness of the marriage union.   And in our modern times, both government and the counterfeit churches of man, will declare virtually anyone or anything as being married -- with absolutely no standards or requirements other than their own very limited and counterfeit human pronouncements.    Yet, the churches and governments of man's creation not only lack the Power, but even the insight as to the higher spiritual requirements that makes the two one flesh.  

Does God decree His Heavenly Power to the corrupt governments and religions of the earth who are apostates to the Higher Law and Order of the Universe and Creation?   And as demonstrated in the article on Bible Corruption, those verses which command the people to obey the governments of the earth are all interpolations by the Church of Constantine.   This is a truly important question for every seeker of Truth and Wisdom to consider?   Most of the governments of the earth are corrupt atheistic secular states that reject the Power of God in every conceivable action they take -- and they exists as renegade apostates to the Royal Law of the Most High.   Are we to believe that God bestows upon these corrupt atheistic secular states, the power to ordain a truly profound spiritual sacrament such as the marriage and merger of a man and woman into "one flesh"?   In truth, man no more has the power to ordain a true marriage, than the Marxist atheist government of China has the power to appoint religious leaders.   And the men or governments who are under the delusion that they possess this power, are as deluded as those who believe that the world is flat, or the sun revolves around the earth.    And in the same way that the decree of the Church of Rome that the sun revolves around the earth had absolutely no basis in fact, neither are the pseudo-marriages ordained by man or his governments any more valid without meeting the requirements set forth by the Supreme Power of the Universe.  

The spiritually challenged, who by their estranged mindset have totally alienated themselves from man's own innate Higher reality of soul and spirit, will become upset and angered over these words.   The whole concept -- i.e., that in order to be valid, man must be in subjection to the Higher Order and Laws of the Source of Creation and the Universe -- is totally repugnant to their thinking, mindset and spiritually disenfranchised lifestyle.   And to say that man's power is limited -- and when he, or his governments, exceed the boundaries of their organic lawful limitations, it is the obligation of all spiritual men of a Higher Order to stand in opposition to them -- or themselves be consumed by their folly and ignorance -- is a reality that is often impossible for them to come to terms with.  

It must be understood that the secular mindset is under the delusion that government is the final authority in all matters.   They are generally incapable of envisioning the larger picture of reality.   In their thinking they have rejected the positions of most religions that all of mankind is accountable to a Higher Authority.   To them, the governments of man is the final authority in all matters -- and government has replaced god in their mindset.    And while they were somewhat successful at beating down religion, science has become an insurmountable problem -- and they have hid their heads in the sands of ignorance, refusing to even acknowledge the more enlightened stream of knowledge demonstrated by the modern physicist who warns that the physical world is in total subjugation to the Causal Etheric Field that is the True Source of all events that transpire in this realm.     In his biblical Epistles, Paul portrayed this disenfranchised mindset as the trap of the god of this world -- while the Spiritual (Gnostic) Christians saw it as the illusion of the Demiurge who creates a mindset that disconnects the individual from higher reality.   And not only are those who think of themselves as authorities of this destructive mindset, but so too is the people who are duped into supporting them.    Can an individual, a government entity, or even a government itself, be in a position of authority, when it is itself lawless? 

Once the Roman Emperor Constantine positioned himself as the head of the Christian Church, he could not come to terms with the reality that the Ebionites and true Spiritual Christians rejected not only his decrees which the modern Church continues to endorse -- but also the fact that the people of a Higher Order totally rejected his claims of authority.   In the Pagan mindset of Rome, the Emperor was worshipped as a god -- and from his perspective, anyone who disagreed with his religious decrees and pronouncements, rejected god.  And while he succeeded in murdering the true Spiritual Christians (see The Death Of The Religion Of Jesus) -- and corrupted the scriptures (see http://BibleCorruption.com ) -- the only thing he succeeded in doing was plunging the Church and much of mankind into the Dark Ages where absolute ignorance and folly prevailed over reason, knowledge and truth.   And thus, the far reaching reality of the words that to his own demise spiritually disenfranchised men ignore: "So I will cast her on a bed of suffering, and I will make those who commit adultery with her suffer intensely, unless they repent of her ways.  I will strike her children dead. Then all the churches will know that I am he who searches hearts and minds, and I will repay each of you according to your deeds" (Rev 2:22-23 NIV).   Only a fool -- or perhaps by definition, an idiot -- would even embrace the concept that when the Emperor Constantine murdered the true followers and disciples of Jesus, that the doctrines of Pagan Rome became the valid teachings of Jesus and TheWay.   

In his letters and epistles, Paul predicted that the religion of Jesus would soon cease to exist on the face of the earth (see The Church Of The AntiChrist) -- and the only way that these words could have been spoken, is from the perspective that God does not Ordain that which is corrupt and defiled.   And the same rules not only apply to all things -- but these rules especially apply to the sacrament of the marriage of a man and woman.    And in our own time when both the churches and the governments will marry anyone -- and virtually, any thing -- this abomination is being set before the Church in order to test them.   Thus, the pronouncement: "... I will strike her children dead. Then all the churches will know that I am he who searches hearts and minds, and I will repay each of you according to your deeds" -- the Power of God has thoroughly corrupted the marriages that man ordains, as a test for the Churches to become cognizant of the necessary requirements of a True Marriage -- and to begin to restore the Sacrament of Marriage to it's rightful place.   

In the same way that adultery is a betrayal of a marriage that not only invalidates the union -- but makes one an apostate to the Laws of God -- any time men, their religious institutions, or their governments, overstep the organic boundaries of what is Lawful for them to ordain, the men and their governments make themselves adulterous apostates to the Laws of the Higher Order of All Things.    The result is that everything apostate man touches causes those who fail to stand in opposition to his counterfeit authority to "...suffer intensely.. striking  her children [spiritually] dead... [so that people of a Higher Order will see and] ...will know that I am he who searches hearts and minds, and I will repay each of you according to your deeds".    And in the same way that the degenerative state of the American marriage which has been totally debased and corrupted by the culture, is a dead and rotting corpse because it lacks the necessary soul and spirit that gives it Life -- this fate has been brought about by the Laws which adulterous men and his governments has wrought upon the people by virtue of their making themselves apostates to the Supreme Laws of the Universe.

As a spiritual man I am bound by the requirement: "We ought to obey God rather then men" (Acts 5:29).   And the foolishness of man’s power is perhaps best portrayed in the words of Jesus with regard to taking an oath when he said: "And do not swear by your head, for you cannot make even one hair white or black" (Matt 5:36 NIV).   What power does man have?   He has so little power that he cannot even keep himself from the fate of death, and yet he is so foolish that he falsely envisions that he can invoke and alter the Laws of the Heavens?   And in the same way that Constantine was only fooling himself to even imagine that he could validate his Church by murdering the true followers and disciples of Jesus (see The Death Of The Religion Of Jesus) -- the churches and governments of man are only fooling themselves to even imagine that their marriages would be valid, when they fail to observe the necessary requirements and environment for a marriage to even take place and be ordained.   And in view of the fact that even in the United States there is a separation of Church and State -- and in most instances, it is against the laws of man to even acknowledge the Power and Reality of God -- to even suggest that the secular governments of man which are fundamentally Atheist, can weald the Power of God in order to bring about a Spiritual Sacrament, is pure lunacy.  

The Folly Of Illegitimate Government: In the Dynamic Reality of what is called Heaven and earth, each represents one third of the equation, and the balance that Transcends the duality of the division of the two, is the third force of the Evolved Son of Man who is the Prodigal Son restored to the Kingdom.    To be valid, Heaven and earth must move into harmony and oneness.   From the perspective of modern Quantum Physics, this could be portrayed as the Causal Etheric Field in harmony with the concrete or visible matter that is created by the intersection of the fields (see http://UnityOfMind.org ).    And while I recognize that this would sound like hog wash to the thinking of the average person of a cultural mindset, that these people are incapable of understanding this important concept, is why the Constitution of the United States was written in the manner that is was.    

As demonstrated on the above web site, modern science has already proven what the mystic and visionary has stated is the true reality of mankind since the dawn of time itself.   And as a person develops the ability to sense and look into the surrounding Etheric Fields which are the source of all events and realities in the earth, the person is able to begin to pursue deeper dimensions of the Causal Etherc Fields and begin to harmonize what is portrayed in the Bible as Heaven and earth in all things.    Government, which my Constitutional Mandate must remain neutral and within it's Contractual limitations with a Sovereign We, The People, remains legitimate only so long as it stays within those boundaries.    The fact that government has evolved into a monster, is largely the failings of the judiciary who are charged with the responsibility of protecting and insuring the Constitutional God-Given Rights of the People.

We can sometimes see the U.S. Government moving against such groups as the Patriots and Freemen, and believe they are justified because these groups which set up their own government act independently of the local and national governments.  What most people fail to understand, is the fact that the same equation is true with respect to the governments of man and the Government and Laws of the Universe.   In fact, as stated in the above example of Jesus as a Quantum Physicist (see Discernment vs Judgment), the tribulations of the nations of the earth are all brought about because of illegitimate government that causes the energy flow through the underlying Etheric Fields to manifest in a negative manner -- bringing about what man calls evil.    When Jesus said to the man: "...sin no more, lest a worse thing come unto thee." (John 5:14 KJV) -- this was an observation of the Laws which Quantum Physicists are only now beginning to understand -- and the Laws that apply to an individual man or woman, apply equally to governments, churches, and all the institutions of man.   Not to understand these Laws, is to dwell in Absolute Ignorance of man's own Higher and True Reality.

The Pervading Laws of the Universe constantly bring about instances where man not only sees the reflection of his own self -- but also judges and convicts himself.    And the same Laws that apply to the individual man or woman, in like manner applies to governments and all the institutions of man.    As stated above, the prosecution of Martha Stewart was orchestrated by the Laws that control this realm as explained in the article The Plight Of Martha Stewart.    The Laws also bring about the events where government judges and condemns itself  (see Endemic Judicial Corruption ).   And in much the same way, it was the Laws that brought about the Montana Freemen (see Patriots and Freemen), Ruby Ridge and Wacco -- and many of the other high profile occurrences where government judges and convicts itself.    In many respects the Freemen merely exercised their right of Sovereignty with respect to their God-Given UnAlienable Rights (see Freemen), and they attempted to do what Jefferson expected Americans to do when government overstepped its boundaries of both the Constitution and the Higher Laws.    That they were persecuted, was brought about and orchestrated by the Higher Laws, to present to the government the means to judge and condemn itself.   Where lawgivers often act as if they are above the law, in reality they are in greater subjection to the law than those who they bring to justice from a human perspective.    Not to know how the Laws bring back upon us the fruit of our own ways, is to remain totally ignorant of the human condition.  

Marriage is the merger of opposites -- and all the rules that apply to the marriage of a man and woman, equally applies to the merger within of Heaven and earth, and man and God.   Our whole understanding of Marriage (see The Divine Marriage) has become perverted and counterfeit, because we have permitted secular government and atheists to define a religious sacrament.   Render unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar -- and Caesar is powerless to initiate the Sacrament that makes the man and woman "one flesh".   Further, Atheists who reject the power of God, have slammed the door to that Power that Sanctifies a Divine Marriage.   And in the same way that Jesus warned that a man who looks lustfully upon another woman has already committed adultery -- as well as a woman who dresses and conducts herself in an attempt to attract the lusts of other men -- God neither initiates a Marriage to those who fail to meet the requirements -- and when the relationship is compromised (adulterous thoughts being one example), then the actions of the man and woman have negated the Marriage.

In the same way that even the thought of adultery invalidates the union or marriage -- any time that man or his governments attempt to claim for themselves an authority that belongs only to God -- or usurps the Higher Order and Supreme Authority of what is Heavenly -- then both man and his governments are illegitimate -- because their infidelity and adultery has made them apostates to the Higher Order which is the Only Valid Force in the Universe.    And while atheists, Marxists and despotic men may find fault with this statement and the reality these words portray, their opposition is no more valid than the Church's proclamation that the sun revolves around the earth.     And the fact that the American people have totally lost all perspective of what a marriage is between a man and woman, has caused us to lack the insight and vision to understand anything of any real and genuine importance.    And the problem is that we cannot even begin to perceive the true dimensions of marriage, until we first realize both the potential and the Divine Pattern of men and women, and then apply this greater reality directly into the life of husband and wife.   A marriage is not a secular or legal union or contract between two people.   Neither is a marriage two people living together in a family environment under the color of law or religious tradition.   Marriage possess a Divine definition that can only be envisioned in the concept that it is the means to negate the differences and separation between the two opposites, and merge them into One.   A marriage between husband and wife cannot even be envisioned, until we first realize that marriage is a Consecrated and Divine Pattern of Creation brought into the lives of individual men and women that enables them to embrace their Ultimate Destiny (see The Divine Marriage).   What this means is that a marriage is already defined on a Cosmic and Universal Reality, and the more we are able to live in accordance with this cosmic definition, the more genuine our marriage becomes.

Marriage is a religious sacrament -- a sacrament where if the necessary foundational requirements are present, the Power of God is brought into a covenant relationship -- and it is this Third-Force that is provided by the Power of God, that is responsible for making the man and woman "one flesh" -- without which, there is nothing more than a sexual union that often resembles that of the beasts of the earth.   While Hugh Hefner was at one time married in the eyes of man -- because it was impossible for him to embrace the proper mindset and environment, what he saw as a marriage, was nothing more than a civil contract to legitimize sex.   Bill and Hillary Clinton cannot be married in the true sense of the meaning of the word, because Bill Clinton has never been faithful to Hillary.   And while many may be married in the eyes of man, they are no more Married in the True Meaning of the Word, than the teenagers who hook up for the night.

To even begin to understand the dynamics of a True Spiritual Marriage, it is necessary to understand the very design and pattern of all of Creation as manifest when the two great paradoxical opposites of male and female are merged in order to bring about the birth of a higher reality.   By design, all of life in this realm moves within these two great polarities in order for man to be able to observe the workings of Creation within his own life.   And while the mystic and spiritual visionary has always been able to perceive these Forces and Movements of the Laws at work in all things of this world, only now has the modern Quantum Physicist been able to begin to pierce beyond the carnal barriers of the physical senses, and start to observe these same Laws in action.   


The Universe is a Great Mind

Quoting http://UnityOfMind.org

In his 1951 textbook on quantum theory, Bohm offered some interesting speculations on the analogies between quantum processes and thought processes, thus carrying further the celebrated statement made by the astronomer James Jeans two decades earlier: “Today there is a wide measure of agreement… that the stream of knowledge is heading towards a non-mechanical reality; the universe begins to look more like a great thought than like a great machine”; and the statement by astronomer Arthur Eddington:  “The stuff of the universe is mind-stuff”.   More recently, cyberneticist David Foster described “an intelligent universe” whose apparent concreteness is generated by cosmic data from an unknowable, organized source.   The holographic theory says that: “…our brains mathematically construct hard reality by interpreting frequencies from a dimension transcending time and space.   The brain is a hologram, interpreting a holographic universe.”  

What is the impact of these findings of modern science?   The reality that is being conveyed is that what we perceive as solid physical matter, is being interpreted in this manner because our brains interpret that frequency to make what we see appear concrete.   Moreover, what it also means is that we perceive only a fraction of Creation because our brains, which by virtue of the fact of their physical nature, can only detect frequencies that are within the same spectrum.   In the same way that in order to be effective, an antenna must possess the physical characteristics that enables it to receive a certain range of the frequencies that the device (radio, TV, wireless phone, etc.) is intended to operate within, our physical mind and bodies are designed to function within a certain spectrum of Creation -- and this is predicated by the fact that our physical nature is composed of the elements that are of this world.


If, as the modern physicist has found, that the Universe is in reality a Great Mind -- and there is nothing but Thought -- and it is the nature of the illusion of the brain that interprets certain frequencies of the hologram as concrete matter -- while the Causal Etheric Field remains beyond the vision of organic (carnal) man who remains sense bound in his perception and thinking -- then the physicist is correct in his realization that the mystic and spiritual visionary of old, has always had access to those dimensions which are the source of all that we see and experience in this world.   Man does not need a microscope or modern technology to explore the deep recesses of mind and being -- he only needs to know how to move beyond the barrier of organic (carnal) consciousness.   And thus, as portrayed in the above, many of the pronouncements of Jesus that are currently contained in the Bible, is that of a Quantum Physicist (see Discernment vs Judgment) who is conveying to the people his observations of the Laws that bring about all events in their lives -- much like I am doing in this present article.

The Struggle Against The Forces Of Profound Ignorance: In further quoting the article at http://UnityOfMind.org : Matter - The Blemish Created by Colliding And Interacting Fields Of Energy: In his book, Urbausteine der Materie, physicist Walter Thirring wrote about matter that modern physics “has put our thinking about the essence of matter in a different context.   It has taken our gaze from the visible - the particles - to the underlying entity, the field.   The presence of matter is merely a disturbance of the perfect state of the field at that place; something accidental, one could almost say, a ‘blemish’.   Accordingly, there are no simple laws describing the forces between elementary particles… Order and symmetry must be sought in the underlying field.”   What this means is that the whole foundation of our cultural, sectarian and secular thinking, is not only in reverse of reality, but is antagonistic to reality.   In reality, the so called authorities who people look to for answers, are the equivalent of Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble out of the stone age in what has been portrayed by many modern physicists as their fossilized thinking that is threatening to destroy us -- i.e., “The present scientific establishment has grown somewhat fossilized by its current world picture and is locked into a view of reality that has outlived its usefulness.  It has begun to limit mankind’s growth and has so increased its sense of specialization, separateness, materiality, and mechanical computer-like functioning that it is in real danger of self-extermination” (William A. Tiller, Materials Sciences Department, Stanford University - see http://UnityOfMind.org ).   Yet, it is this very fossilized cave man understanding of the higher realities of life that is being taught in our schools, endorsed by our culture, and mandated that people embrace this out-modeled world view by our governments.    In fact, once man's higher soul and spiritual natures are understood, in relation to the holographic world in which we presently find ourselves, modern governments which attempt to force people to embrace this fossilized mindset, is no different than the superstitiously driven government and church authorities of the past during the Dark Ages when they hunted down sects of Spiritual Gnostics who sought to escape the profound ignorance of this world by seeking True Gnosis -- which is the Knowledge of one's higher soul-self and the Kingdom of God (see http://DivineManna.org ).  

Like the sects of True Spiritual Seekers who the Church hunted down during the Dark Ages -- and murdered them as heretics because they rejected the counterfeit authority of the Church -- many of our Constitutional Framers found themselves surrounded by profound Christian ignorance on one hand, and the worship of the secular on the other hand.   If our true national heritage had been Christian, as many Fundamentalists would like us to believe today, then we would have had a Theocracy.   In Puritan New England, the celebration of Christmas was against the law, because it was understood to be of Pagan origin.   From a Christian perspective, religious freedom meant that people had the right to be Christian -- in accord with their sectarian doctrines.   Thus, our Constitutional framers had to form a government that would be conducive to spiritual growth and development without revealing too much of what they were doing to the superstitious masses on both sides of the religious and anti-religious divide.  

If, as stated above, the Universe is in reality a Great Thought -- and it's holographic nature replicates the Pattern throughout every level and dimension of being -- and what man perceives as concrete matter is merely that spectrum of thought which the brain interprets in that manner -- then not only is our whole understanding of life immersed in profound ignorance -- but that nearly everything that modern man clings to as truth, is merely another variety of error in relation to his past error upon which our present world outlook is based.    In this respect, Jesus can very well be portrayed as a True University Professor who taught his disciples the secrets of True Enlightenment.   The Gnostics, who the later institutionalized Church condemned as heretics, were not only the True Christians -- but they were far more enlightened than the present variety of university professors who promote another form of superstition and ignorance to gullible young minds.   And only when you begin to understand this reality, can you even begin to come to terms with the fact that many of the founding fathers of our Constitutional form of government knew far more than they could openly say. 

An interesting quote is presented in the Wikipedia under the heading of Deist where it states: Prior to the 17th century the terms ["Deism" and "Deist"] were used interchangeably with the terms "theism" and "theist", respectively. ... Theologians and philosophers of the seventeenth century began to give a different signification to the words.... Both [theists and Deists] asserted belief in one supreme God, the Creator.... and agreed that God is personal and distinct from the world. But the theist taught that god remained actively interested in and operative in the world which he had made, whereas the Deist maintained that God endowed the world at creation with self-sustaining and self-acting powers and then abandoned it to the operation of these powers acting as second causes.[1] (see Deism).

From a purely biblical perspective, the Deist position is that when Creator-God rested on the Seventh Day after having completed His work, He did not arise on the first day of the week and begin laboring all over again.   Theologians have long recognized that there are two very distinct and different Creation accounts in the beginning of Genesis -- but because they lack an understanding of the Laws and the symbolic language of the scriptures, they remain ignorant of the true meaning.   In an allegorical form, what the Genesis Account portrays after the first Creation narrative, is that the Laws were put into place which would drive all of Creation from the Alpha of ignorance by virtue of the lack of experiential knowledge and development -- and it is these Laws that drive all of Creation to the Omega of Enlightened Light, as each and every soul evolves to a perfected state -- the example and pattern of which, is to be found in the life of Jesus.    In the parable of the prodigal son, the Father does not rush into the Far Country and rule over the affairs of this world.   The "citizen... of the Far Country" is the Left Hand Power of Correction which returns to each person the fruit of their own ways -- testing each and every person, in the manner that Satan tested Job.   To follow in TheWay, is to take the yoke of Messiah/Christ upon you, and travail in TheWay -- i.e., "We must through many tribulations enter the kingdom of God" (Acts 14:22 NKJ).  Thus, in the same way that a woman travails in labor to bring a child into this world, we must ourselves endure the "…many tribulations" of spiritual labor to be born into the Kingdom of God.   Since the Kingdom is within us, and Armageddon is therefore not an historical event -- but more factually, a spiritual event in the life of the disciple in search of Truth -- then the Sustaining Power of the Right Hand can only sanctify those who reject the ways of this world, and seek to sincerely live in accord with the Pattern of Righteousness.   

The Second Creation Account in Genesis which is very different at many points than the first, is merely the movement of the Laws which are the driving force behind the evolution of the soul of man.   The account is portrayed in allegorical form, because it is impossible to convey to the organic (carnal) mind of man the realities of his own higher soul-reality.   Deism is built upon the model of the the parable of the Prodigal Son -- where the son travails in this, the "far country" -- under the control of what Paul called the god of this world that is portrayed as the "citizen of the far country" in the parable.   What the Gnostics portrayed as the Demiurge, or the god of illusion which is allegorically portrayed as Satan -- is the force of gravity of mind which keeps man's thinking earth-bound.   And once this reality is understood, this is why Jesus called the god of the allegorical written text of the Old Testament the devil -- and why the Gnostics condemned the god of the Jews as the Demiurge (see The Devil, God Of The Jews).    And in much the same way, the path of escaping the illusion of this world is presented in the analogy of Plato's Cave.    And this is why Jesus taught that there is only One Teacher which his Ebionite Disciples portrayed as the True Prophet, -- with Peter going as far as to warn that if you fail to learn from the True Prophet, that the whole of everything that you think you know is counterfeit -- i.e., Hence, O beloved Clement, if you would know the things pertaining to God, you have to learn them from Him alone, because He alone knows the truth. For if any one else knows anything, he has received it from Him or from His disciples”  (see the True Prophet ).   And that the Church dwells in the profound ignorance of the doctrines of men today, is because the series of Roman Emperors who ruled over the Church threw away what Jesus called the Key of Knowledge (see http://KeyOfKnowledge.org ).   

Many of the Deist framers of our Constitutional form of government had learned the secrets of applying the Key of Knowledge, and had learned from the True Prophet that Jesus taught was within each of us.   And as prodigal sons who had begun to return to the Inner Edenic Kingdom of Origination (see http://GateOfEden.com ), our Constitutional framers understood the Laws that govern all events and people of this realm.   And like the modern physicist and the enlightened Gnostic, they understood that this world is an illusion -- i.e., Thought that is interpreted by the brain as concrete forms that are allegorical in nature, and the forms of which reflect back to us that segment of mind and consciousness they represent.  

Our Constitutional Framers who understood the "Laws of Nature and Nature's God", recognized that the highest purpose of government was to create the necessary environment where the greatest number of men and women would be able to access that part of themselves that was manifest in the Causal Etheric Field that surrounds their physical body -- and it was the obligation of Sovereign Man to limit the power of government, and to throw off government that overstepped its boundaries and infringed upon the UnAlienable God-Given Rights of the people.    Thus, quoting the Declaration of Independence: "When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.  We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security."

Notice the words: "...it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security."  Modern science now confirms what the vision of the mystics has known all along -- i.e., that in the Causal Etheric Field is the Source of all that transpires in this physical realm -- and the objective of government is to facilitate bridging the Great Divide between the Heavenly-Etheric, and the Earthly-Physical -- and whenever government ceases to support this Higher Endeavour, and becomes self-serving, then such a government is illegitimate.    From a Higher Cosmic perspective, the only valid government, is that government which is in harmony with the Universal Laws -- Laws which pervade every aspect of Creation.   And in the same way that Heaven and earth are opposite polarities which must be made "one flesh", what we are presented with is the Divine Pattern of man and woman with which all of Creation is holographically imbued.    When the union of a man and woman becomes unfaithful and adulterous -- the union is defiled, and no longer exists as a Marriage, because it is no longer Ordained by the Higher Laws.   And this same reality is true of the governments, churches and all institutions created by man.   And it is the obligation of a Sovereign People to abolish and throw off all that is counterfeit and unfaithful to man's higher purpose.

When the Bible was edited by the Church of Constantine to make it support the Pagan institutionalized secularized Church of Rome, many important verses were removed (see http://BibleCorruption.com ).   Many of these important verses supported a purely Spiritual Kingdom that manifested within the sincere believer to the degree that they could overcome the Laws, and bridge the divide of inner realities within themselves.    One of these important verses has been preserved in many of the ancient texts, and newly discovered scriptures -- and this important teaching pertains to the Coming of the Kingdom within the disciple of TheWay: "When the Lord was asked by a certain man, when should his kingdom come, he said unto him, when two shall be one and the without as the within, and the male with the female, neither male nor female" (see The Spiritual Kingdom).   Once understood, all duality is the embodiment of the Divine Pattern of male/female which is holographically imprinted into every aspect of Creation.   And the true objective of life, is for the prodigal sons and daughters to evolve and overcome the Laws, and restore the Kingdom within one's self.   Any sectarian doctrine, government, or philosophical system that fails to support this Higher Objective, is counterfeit.   Since male and female represents the Divine Pattern with which all of Creation is imbued, then the objective on all levels of being is the fulfillment of the above words: "...and the male with the female, neither male nor female" -- and this can only be accomplished by seeking a state of evolved and perfected union of the two, in a Divine Marriage -- and a Divine Marriage requires the Union to be Ordained from On High, in an absolutely faithful environment of Godly Love and Devotion.   

In the same way that there is sex apart from marriage which is called fornication, there is also the counterfeit unions ordained by man that is outside what is Lawfully born of a Genuine Marriage.   In the same way that God rejects people who reject His Ways, all manmade governments of the earth are counterfeit that reject His Ways.   Neither does God sanctify that which is corrupted and defiled -- whether it be marriage, the Church, or the governments of the earth.   And with respect to adultery, it begins in the heart long before any such physical act -- i.e., "I am He who searches the minds and hearts. And I will give to each one of you according to your works" (Rev 2:23 NKJ) -- and this is confirmed in the words of Jesus who warned that the act of adultery is a sin of the heart and mind, long before any such physical act could even transpire:  "You have heard that it was said to those of old, 'You shall not commit adultery.' But I say to you that whoever looks at a woman to lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart" (Matt 5:27-28 NKJ).  

The idea that man and woman can be joined together as one flesh through the mere formality of words, spoken by a person deriving their power from a temporal government of this world that is hostile to the Living Word of God -- and that a True Marriage can exist without the ordination of the union in spiritual realms -- is simply incomprehensible from a biblical perspective. "That which is born of the flesh is flesh" (John 3:6 KJV), proclaims the Lord.   Thus, the self-ordained governments of this world take upon themselves the power to license sex and the cohabitation of the people of this world, but that secular license and ordination does not in any manner invoke the powers of the heavens.  

At its essence, a genuine marriage is a mystical spiritual experience that is a profound sacrament in the worship and union with God.   I am of course not speaking of the common marriage created by man that amounts to little more than an alliance of domestic partners and illegitimate secular licensed cohabitation and sex -- but rather, a Spiritual Marriage where the energies of the husband and wife intertwine on all levels of their being -- flowing so harmoniously together, that the two are of a single mind and spirit.   In the area of religious importance, the union of man and woman is so significant, that from a biblical perspective, men of wisdom will immediately recognize that the very first words reportedly spoken by man was with respect to the importance of man and woman again becoming one flesh -- as seen in the words of Adam: "And Adam said, This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man. Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh" (Gen 2:23-24 KJV).

That woman is reflective, and taken from man, is seen in the Barnes’ Notes commentary for Genesis 2:23, where it states with regard to Adam’s words pertaining to Eve: "To this counterpart of myself shall be called woman; the word in the original being a feminine form of man, to which we have no exact equivalent, though the word woman (womb-man, or wife-man), proves our word man to have been originally of the common gender. Because out of a man was she taken; being taken out of a man, she is human; and being a perfect individual, she is a female man".

As with the greater majority of Hebrew words, we do not have an English equivalent that would convey the meaning of what is truly being expressed by the author of the scriptures.   Contrary to our culture today where woman is viewed as independent of man, this is not the case in the Bible -- which in essence reflects God’s perspective.   Strong’s Concordance in fact defines one of the root lineages of the word that we translate woman, as an adulteress -- with the comment in Strong’s that it is one of those root lines that are unexpressed in the English language.  Why?   Why would one of the root variants that color the word woman, convey the thought of adultery?   Only when we begin to understand the Divine Vision that woman is, and always will be, an integral part of man -- and the concept of separation and division is seen as a fault -- can we begin to comprehend that in their spiritual state the two are truly One and the same -- and remain as such.   This ultimate spiritual reality is made reference to by the Church Father Origen when he wrote: "But now also every power that is hostile, which gains the mastery over the human soul, and has intercourse with it, commits adultery with her who had a bridegroom given to her by God, namely, the Word" (Commentaries of Origen, Book 12, 4; Ante-Nicene Fathers).

As stated by Origen, adultery is not only applicable to man and woman and the Sacrament of Marriage, but is also just as relevant to the division of Heaven and earth, and the relationship of man and God.   When the Children of Israel went in the way of the Nations, they were portrayed as adulterers and whoremongers who were no longer worthy to have a Covenant with God.    And in the same way, a man or woman who are unfaithful in their thoughts and heart, are not only adulterers -- but their unfaithfulness has negated and invalidated their marriage -- if they even ever had a marriage that was recognized by the Laws of Heaven.     

Can You Petition A Court?   The Bible sets many standards that must be embraced by a disciple seeking to transform his organic (carnal) consciousness -- evolving his thinking beyond the limitations of earth-consciousness by overcoming the Law of Gravity of Mind (Satan) that keeps his thinking earth-bound -- and very much under the control of the illusion of what is portrayed in the analogy of Plato's Cave.    In the same way that a disciple seeking the Inner Kingdom ( http://GateOfEden.com ) cannot seek to Caesar, what belongs to God, Paul is correct when he portrays those who petition a secular court against another as utter failure.     Rather than worship the Emperor, the early Christians chose to be fed to the lions.   They understood the principle that a truly spiritual people must reject the authority of the governments of the earth -- when they, the believer, renders unto Caesar, what belongs only to God.   Thus, the fact that modern Christians no longer understand this foundational principle, is merely one more example of the total spiritual disenfranchisement of the modern Church which has adopted the manmade doctrines of Pagan Rome as its foundation -- and then added error onto error, by adopting the Simon Magus theology of Martin Luther (see TheLie: The Christian Apostasy Of Martin Luther).  

When Jesus warned: "Judge not, lest ye be judged!" -- and it is understood that this pronouncement was parallel to the Newtonian observation of the law of gravity -- as well as all the Universal Laws that physicists have begun to observe and understand -- then we can begin to understand a very important reality of the Laws that intimately affects every aspect of our lives.   Add to this the warning that Jesus stated to the man who had just been healed -- i.e., "Afterward Jesus findeth him in the temple, and said unto him, Behold, thou art made whole: sin no more, lest a worse thing come unto thee." (John 5:14 KJV) -- and you have an observation of the Laws at work which few men comprehend with any depth in the words of Paul when he warned: "Dare any of you, having a matter against another, go to law before the unrighteous...? If then you have judgments concerning things pertaining to this life, do you appoint those who are least esteemed by the church to judge? I say this to your shame... But brother goes to law against brother, and that before unbelievers! Now therefore, it is already an utter failure for you that you go to law against one another...!" (1 Cor 6:1-8 NKJ).   

In Paul's words, the unrighteous, is the courts of the governments of this world.   And like marriage, true religion is a Covenant with God -- and the fidelity of the Covenant is determined by one's thoughts and heart -- i.e., "I am He who searches the minds and hearts. And I will give to each one of you according to your works" (Rev 2:23 NKJ).   And as Jesus confirmed, you cannot have two masters.   You can't be faithful to a Covenant with God, if you are clinging to the thinking, mindset, traditions, culture and ways of Caesar.    This can be likened to the the requirements of a True Marriage -- and the fact that a married man cannot look upon another woman with lust, without voiding his union with his wife -- if a person who seeks to be a citizen of the Heavenly Kingdom, engages in the ways of the apostate governments of this world, then he relinquishes any opportunity to be a citizen of the Heavenly Kingdom.  

Paul states of a person who has been deceived and is under the delusion that they can petition and go to the courts of the unjust, as being totally turned out of TheWay -- i.e., "Dare any of you, having a matter against another, go to law before the unrighteous...? But brother goes to law against brother, and that before unbelievers! Now therefore, it is already an utter failure for you that you go to law against one another...!"    Yet, people who think they are Christian merely on the basis that they blindly believe in the doctrines of men, not only petition the courts of the unjust -- but they petition the unjust to ordain their marriages.    What this equates to is the fact that if you initiate a court action against another person -- seeking the courts and government of this world to judge and render a decision in the matter that you have set before it -- then you have relinquished any claim whatsoever with respect to citizenship in the Heavenly Kingdom.    And as Paul correctly states in the above, you have yourself become an apostate to TheWay -- and dwell in the death of this realm of the "other darkness".

Illegitimate And Adulterous Government: The Constitution of the United States and the associated laws are a covenant between a people who have declared their Sovereignty and UnAlienable God-Given Rights, with the government that is obligated to protect those Rights as its highest duty.   The separation of church and state that was written about by Thomas Jefferson, bars the government from adopting a Church -- or promoting one religion over another.    There is absolutely nothing in the Constitution or the early founding documents of the United States that in any manner attempts to create an atheist godless state as we have today -- but merely bars the government from adopting one sect or religion over another.   A state that champions godlessness, is a state that promotes absolute ignorance -- and inflicts grave suffering upon its people.   To promote godlessness, is synonymous with disconnecting your house from the power line feeders, and then questioning why the lights in your house will not function.    As the modern quantum physicist has realized, the Source is in the Causal Etheric Field -- i.e., quoting the above "...The presence of matter is merely a disturbance of the perfect state of the field at that place; something accidental, one could almost say, a ‘blemish’.   Accordingly, there are no simple laws describing the forces between elementary particles… Order and symmetry must be sought in the underlying field.”  ( http://UnityOfMind.org ).  

As Deists and Masons who themselves possessed an imperfect understanding, to the degree that they were able, the framers of our Constitutional form of government understood the Laws and the ability of man to access man's Higher Reality in the Causal Etheric Field.    From a biblical perspective, this is the goal of entering through the inner "narrow gate" that gives entrance into the Kingdom within ( http://GateOfEden.com ).    They also understood that the traditional Churches which were founded upon the Paganism of Rome (see The Christian Judas), had become alienated from the Inner Kingdom which must be accessed through the inner resources of mind which are manifest in the Causal Etheric Field which has now been recognized by modern physicists as the source of our being -- and it is this alienation which caused the blind believers of the Churches to be spiritually flat-lined.    And it was for this reason that under Constitutional mandate, the government was barred from adopting a sectarian Church, and charged with the responsibility of protecting the Individual Religious Rights of the People.   In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus the Quantum Physicist provided the people with a workable and practical lifestyle application to live in harmony with the Laws that are manifest in the Causal Etheric Field, so that they would be able to overcome their organic (carnal) limitations, and know the higher reality of the soul and the Mysteries of God.    The purpose of government was to insure that the American People were not limited by a government that adopted sectarian Churches as was the case throughout Europe, and to insure the necessary freedom for the individual to create the proper environment that would enable men and women of a higher rational and intellect to learn to access the areas of mind that enable them to function from the Causal Reality of the Etheric Field -- which is the source of all events and realities that transpire in this world.    In understanding the relationship between this world of illusion, and the reality of the Causal Etheric Field that is the Source of all events in this world, the Constitution is built upon the words of Thomas Paine who wrote: "Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state, an intolerable one."

The Struggles Against A Corrupt Judiciary: By Constitutional mandate  the government was designed to be neutral in all matters, so that the Nation could evolve into a Truly Enlightened Society that is a Light unto the world.    Understanding the realities of human nature and the many despots that arise and attempt to exert power over The People, Thomas Jefferson envisioned an environment where there would be a revolution every twenty years -- i.e., "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants" -- and the purpose of the Second Amendment was to provide The People a means to remain free from tyranny.    A government that fears the power of the people, is a government that is a servant of the people.   A powerless people, very quickly become subjects and victims of illegitimate government.   But because of American complacency which not only parallels the fall of the Church (see Christian Complacency), our whole system of government has become anemic, and totally failed to serve the higher needs of both the people and the world.     Thus, the American Experiment which was brought about by a group of highly evolved souls who entered into the earth at the time of the American Revolution, has proven that even when most people are given the environment that is necessary to evolve and flourish, like the prodigal sons that they are, they will squander away the very opportunity that has been given them.   And in the same way that Jesus warned that much more will be required of those who have received the greater, most Americans in the more distant future will totally loose the Freedom and Liberty they freely inherited without a struggle of the shedding of blood.    In the same way that Christians crucify Christ daily, Americans disown their very founding fathers -- i.e., "They who would give up an essential liberty for temporary security, deserve neither liberty or security" (Benjamin Franklin).    Thus, in their complacency, Americans who are apostates to the Constitution and the blood of wise men and patriots who gave their lives to free The People from tyrannical government and the prevailing ignorance of the Church, will in the future loose the very gift of freedom and liberty that they have taken for granted.   

The Laws That Will Destroy America: As stated in the above, the same Laws that brought America forth in order to create an environment where true spiritual growth could flourish -- and become a model for the governments of the world to create a better way than being led by despot kings, monarchs and dictators -- these same Laws are in the process of destroying America (see Laws That Will Destroy America) -- largely because the American People have rejected the way of Freedom and Liberty.   And in the same way that highly evolved souls who were the embodiment of the Laws entered into this realm in the seventeen hundreds and initiated the spark that would evolve into our Constitutional form of government where The People were Sovereign, and they innately possessed God-Given UnAlienabe Rights, when the government became abusive to those Rights, all that was needed was for one or more of those original founding fathers to re-enter, and be denied the God-Given UnAlienable Rights that they gave birth to as a Nation.      This has been the case with respect to myself who was instrumental in the birth of our Nation, as well as others who were persecuted by the present corrupt government that are apostates to the Constitution.    Not only have I been personally denied justice and equality under the law, but the power of renegade government has deprived me of my children, unlawfully imprisoned me, and knowingly left me virtually penniless.    And when it was realized that I was totally innocent -- and the government kangaroo courts were truly without jurisdiction in the matter -- the representatives of the people attempted to totally cover up the endemic crimes that were committed by rogue judges, corrupt lawyers and court officials, and law enforcement that permitted government elite to be abovef the law.    I previously made mention of such groups as the Montana Freemen who recognized the Constitutional apostasy of the government (see Illegitimate Government), and were persecuted for exercising their God-Given Rights as a Sovereign People.    And while these groups are often extremists, it is also true that extremism is necessary in order to invoke Laws and get one's message across in order to awaken the people to the atrocities being committed.    In the words of Sen. Barry Goldwater: "I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. Let me remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue."   And it is American Complacency to Justice, Liberty and Freedom that was secured by the blood of the Nation's founding fathers, that is responsible for bringing about the present environment that is self-destructive.   And all that was needed was a catalyst who would be denied the very Rights his soul was instrumental in bringing about.  

The Catalyst - How I Was Denied Fundamental Rights By A Kangaroo Court Without Jurisdiction:  As stated above: While my story of the deprivation of fundamental rights is not unique -- in that, throughout the land American Citizens are daily denied their God-Given Rights -- but because in a previous life my soul was an integral part of securing the Rights that brought forth our Constitutional form of government, if I was innocent and was persecuted by the government that I helped bring forth, then the same Laws that gave birth to America, would destroy the cancer that has overcome it.   

On a secondary note, while my higher soul-self (see Being Of Light) has lived as Jacob who people call James, the Brother of Yeshua who people call Jesus (see http://BrotherOfYeshua.com ), as well as many other personalities throughout every time frame of our history, while I possess the soul-DNA of my past lives, I am not those personalities as portrayed in Know Thyself.   And while I possessed the DNA of my higher soul-self, the Laws that each person is born under require that each life be unique, and each image of the soul that is projected into the earth must evolve through all the stages of development.   In the words of the Church Father Origen: “Every soul... comes into this world strengthened by the victories or weakened by the defeats of its previous life” (Origen, De Principiis).   So, while the soul-DNA is an active force in the development of each person with respect to the strengths and weaknesses inherited from their past lives that their soul has lived, because each life is unique unto itself, most people not only do not possess the memory, but it can paradoxically be said that they have never lived before (see Reincarnation, A Counterfeit Doctrine).   The organic mind of man has great difficulty dealing with the paradoxes of life -- i.e., where two opposing and conflicting truths are equally true -- and organic (carnal) man is constantly eating the fruit of the Tree of Duality when he chooses one truth, and reject the other -- failing to seek out the higher third-force reality that makes the opposing paradoxes One.  

In order to serve the Higher Purpose, and bring about the objectives that I entered into the present life to fulfill, I had to become educated without becoming programmed by our cultural thinking which is common in our colleges and universities.    Therefore, a series of events had to be created where I was not only innocent and suffered loss as I was persecuted by our corrupt and morally bankrupt judiciary -- but that, when the miscarriage of justice was brought to the attention of the authorities, they would not only take no action to rectify the corruption, but would actively ignore and cover up the deprivation of my fundamental Constitutional Rights.    Moreover, because of the extreme circumstances I became immersed in -- where I had to learn to write my own court papers, as well as correspondence -- I not only became self-educated, but I experienced the corruption of our government first hand.   This was important, because spiritually -- as is the case of many of the souls who lived as framers of our Constitutional form of government -- my soul embodies the Laws that brought forth our Constitutional form of government -- and when the government reared its corrupt and ugly head, and turned upon myself and others who formed this Nation, it was in effect turning upon the very Laws that Sustains and gives our Constitution Life.   And this is true not only of myself, but other souls who lived as the framers of our Constitutional form of government.    As Ben Franklin wrote on his epitaph: "Body of B. Franklin, Printer, Like the Cover of an Old Book, It's Contents Torn Out And Stripped of its Lettering and Gilding, Lies Here Food for Worms.  But the Work Shall not be Lost For it Will as He Believed Appear Once More In a New and Elegant Edition Revised and Corrected By the Author"  And all those who shed their blood and gave their lives so that their children could have Freedom and Liberty, are at present walking the earth -- and many are being persecuted by the caretakers of that Constitution that brought about.

The Counterfeit Union: It can be said that the Laws created a cosmic sting -- the stage had to be set whereby the illegitimate caretakers who have hijacked our Constitutional form of government, lacked jurisdiction, and yet deprived me of my Fundamental Rights that I helped bring about and manifest in the past.   And the soul of my ex-spouse entered into life to be a necessary part of the equation.   She had to be totally unfaithful -- and yet, she had to accuse me of infidelity before the courts of the unjust that Paul condemns.   About the time that my daughter Regina Marie Cronshaw was conceived, my brother caught her sleeping with a man she had dated in the past -- and I have reason to believe that Regina is not my biological daughter.   As I began seeking spiritually, I had become aware of the inadequacies of my marriage.   I installed a tape recorder on the telephone line in order to gain insight into the problems that I was encountering in our marital relationship.   I not only found out that my ex-spouse was having an affair with my best friend, but that she confided to one of her girl friends that if she could support herself, that she would get rid of me.   

When I confronted her with the tape, she was apologetic and remorseful -- and while she promised to change, I again caught her in an affair with one of the chiefs in the volunteer fire department that I was a captain in.    After that I had made it very plain, that I was leaving -- and in the winter of 1978 I had made arrangements to move in with my brother.   This leaving never came about, because there was a sever ice storm that not only had knocked out power and telephone lines in the Long Island area, but had brought most of New York City to a standstill -- to the degree that the National Guard was called out.   The house in East Meadow that we were living in was without power for a week, and we had to move in with her mother.   I was working for New York Telephone Company, and was required to work 12 hour shifts as we sought to restore telephone service to a massive outage due to the ice storm.   And because of the conditions, I did not immediately move out.  

My ex-spouse had read the book, The Open Marriage, and had subscribed to the philosophy that it was OK to have extra marital affairs.   She even went as far as to convince one of her girl friends, that she should seduce me, and then we could embrace the wife-swapping that was common in one of the fire houses in the East Meadow Fire Department.    But in that same timeframe, I had re-encountered my present wife Flo, who I had known since she was nine, and I was twelve -- and our families were active members in the local Veterans of Foreign Wars.   I had helped Flo to recall her past lives through age regression techniques, and we learned that we had shared a very fruitful spiritual past together over the course of countless lifetimes.    Flo's husband was a very superstitious man who was easily manipulated -- and when he told one of the people he worked with that his wife had begun to recall past lives, he began to act in what could only be called an insane manner that threatened her life.    His friend at work was a Born Again Christian, and he convinced him that Flo's recall of past lives was satanic.   In emotional tirades, he held a cross between himself and Flo in an attempt to exercise the demons out of her.   And every day he became more violent and impossible to live with.

One night he became particularly agitated, and basically threw her out of the house.   And when she called me, there was nothing keeping me from my long planned departure from the failure of my own empty marital union.    Having learned many Truths from both my own past lives, as well as direct contact with my higher soul-self ( http://BeingOfLight.com ), I had come to realize the counterfeit nature of the marriages ordained by the governments of this world (see Covenant With God - True Religion Parallels Marriage).    So where I had an empty counterfeit union with my ex-spouse, I had the opportunity to restore the Genuine Marriage that I had over the course of many lifetimes with my present wife Flo.   And having re-established this Divine Marriage, this placed additional requirements upon me that I had to observe in order to maintain this Divinely Ordained Marriage Union.     Not only was I aware that it would have been sinful for me to petition the courts against my ex-spouse (see Can You Petition The Court), but to go along with the charade of asking Caesar to nullify a marriage that they he (Caesar) did not have the power to ordain, would have been paramount to praying to Caesar -- or beseeching Caesar to be an authority over a spiritual sacrament that he (Caesar) did not have the power to invoke or dissolve.    As detailed above, Caesar does not in any manner have the power to ordain the sacrament of marriage whereby the man and woman are made "one flesh" -- and all that they accomplish is the licensing of sex and cohabitation.    Moreover, because the dissolution of these domestic partner civil unions which they call marriage, has become a commercial enterprise by charlatan lawyers who not only destroy families, but make men and women warring combatants in order to steal their homes and other possessions -- the whole of the civil unions ordained by our governments and the churches which render unto Caesar what belongs only to God -- the whole marriage scheme that is promoted by man has become a spiritual abomination.   In the name of lawyer greed, innocent children are daily abused and exposed to an inhuman environment of warring parents who have been made combative by virtue of lawyers to promote this rampant hostility to rob the people of their homes and money.   And any claim that Caesar has with respect to ordaining a marriage, is totally nullified by virtue of the destruction of innocent lives in the diabolical manner that they nullify their civil unions.     And that the Churches have permitted this fraud to be perpetrated upon not only men and women, but upon young children -- and these Churches remain silent and complacent while the lives of "little ones" are ravished -- has created the condition where it would be better for the pseudo-religious leaders to have a millstone hung about their necks, and they be drowned in the sea, than to inherit the judgment of the Laws which will come upon them in the future.  

It can be said that my own son -- Allan Cronshaw III -- has been rendered dead to me -- murdered by greedy lawyers, corrupt judges, and a counterfeit judiciary.   When I departed the home I had shared with my ex-spouse, we made a pact that there would be no lawyers -- and she would eventually file for divorce on the grounds that I abandoned the union.    She was aware that I held a religious conviction against petitioning the court against her (see Can You Petition The Court) -- even though it was her infidelity that brought about the dissolution of the union.    She wanted a liberal Open Marriage -- the excitement of wife swapping as was the case in one of the fire houses in the East Meadow Fire Department which I was a member of.   And as I had begun to evolve spiritually, I rejected this whole deception that is even called marriage.    And she was aware that I had come to even reject the power of Caesar to ordain a marriage -- and considered the pseudo-marriages of this world to be nothing more than state licensed sex and cohabitation.    She had been able to recall some of her own past lives through age-regression techniques, and had even taken a course on Esoterism.   Yet, she very quickly got a lawyer, and failed to honor the pact that we had made with respect to how we would go about to dissolve the civil union/contract.   When I had confronted her as to why she did this, she stated that her mother had taken her to the lawyer, and convinced her to initiate an action for divorce on totally bogus and concocted grounds where I was portrayed as the person who was at fault.  I was never notified of the divorce proceedings, and was not present.  

At the time of the divorce her main focus was in getting money -- and at that time there was absolutely no mention of child abuse.   As can be seen in the letter to Asst. Dist. Attorny Philip J. Wasilausky where the minutes to the divorce was quoted as an example of my ex-spouse's rampant and unconscionable perjury, when the judge directly asked her about my relationship with my children (see Letter) -- with the court asking the question: "Does he see the children?"   If there was even a shred of truth to her later allegations of child abuse on my part, she never would have answered this question: "When he -- once in a great while.  He is involved in I guess kind of like, kind of a mystical type cult thing right now, and quite honestly he is I guess hung up on that and she (Flo) goes along in that.   He is involved in hypnotism, in reincarnation, and it was just very strange that this Jim Jones thing came up at the same time this came up"   What she was attempting to convey to the court was that I was a member of a Jim Jones type of cult, and did not pay much attention to my children.   But because her focus at that time was money, the allegations of child abuse had not yet been concocted and invented to deprive me of all contact with my children -- which became her priority after the divorce.

In the divorce proceedings her and her lawyer had overstated by salary by thousands of dollars in order to get a $200.00 dollar a week support payment -- when my take home pay was only about $270.00 a week.    But because I had not been present during the court proceedings, the final order of divorce required service -- which was never done.   What she did was switch the orders to an edited non-certified copy that she herself struck out half the visitation on, and gave this bogus copy to me.   Under the requirements of the law, service can only be facilitated when a certified copy, signed by the judge which the court seal, is delivered within 30 days of enactment.   By law, without proper service, none of the provisions of the divorce could be enforced.

I learned what she had done when she got scared when one of the policemen who was going to force her into providing me visitation, stated to her that the divorce itself was an order of visitation that he intended to enforce.   Her way out of providing me visitation was to inform the policeman that I did not have a legal copy of the order of divorce, and the visitation provision therefore could not be enforced.   The policeman then showed me that what I had was a fraudulent copy of said decree -- and could not be enforced.   Legally, because the order of divorce had never been served, the provisions of the order could not be enforced -- and in the same way that the visitation provision could not be enforced, neither could the support provisions which had been procured by a bogus accounting of my salary.   Since there was no order of support, the only way that she could instate the order, was to return back to Nassau County Supreme Court.   In view of the fact that she intentionally failed to serve the order as required, there remains the question of even the legality of the divorce itself.

Once she was successful in her lies and perjury in fraudulently securing the money that she wanted, she then focused her attention on alienating me from my children.   She not only cut off all visitation, but she began programming them against me -- teaching them to be afraid of me.   My son Allan was taught not to use his last name in school, and to tell people that I beat and abused him.   After awhile he began to develop what is called "false memory", which is commonly used by women to turn their children against their fathers.     Regina was taught to scream terrified at the mere sight of me.    And it has been pointed out that if any of this was true, that her failure to make the court aware of the alleged abuse when asked directly by the judge at the time of the divorce, would have made her an unfit parent who was negligent in the care and protection of her children.    But at the time of the divorce the focus of her perjury to the court was on procuring monies that she was not entitled, and she had not yet manufactured the stories of child abuse which came shortly after the divorce.  

In view of the fact that there simply was no way that I could pay her the sum of $200.00 a week, and the fact that she had totally cut off all contact between me and my children, I ceased to make any more support payments, and deposited the money in a bank account.   When I first left her I was paying $150.00 a week in support -- and after she ignored our agreement and got a lawyer, I dropped that down to the more reasonable $125.00 a week -- which actually exceeded what I was required to pay her.   After the fraud that she perpetrated with the divorce, in conjunction with the denial of all contact with my children, I weekly deposited the $125.00 in a savings account.   I informed her that the money was hers, when she restored visitation with my children.

Absolute Miscarriage Of Justice: What followed can only be defined as an absolute miscarriage of justice and the epitome of judicial corruption -- supported by a total dereliction of duty on the part of the Nassau County District Attorney, the New York State Attorney General, and all government authorities who were complacent in the cover up.     If there was ever any question as to the integrity of the courts -- or even the legitimacy of our government from the perspective of the Higher Universal Laws -- then this case proves that our government is a shadow government -- that the American Judiciary is not only a fraud, but lacks any Higher Standing -- and those who persecute others in the name of We The People, are themselves judged by the Higher Laws which return to each person the fruit of their own ways and folly of their actions -- or complacency to act as they should.      

In view of the fact that the order of divorce had never been served as required, neither could it be enforced.   Because of the perjury and fraud on the part of my ex-spouse with respect to the fact that the Nassau County Supreme Court had been provided erroneous salary information -- literally, thousands of dollars more than I actually made -- making it impossible to pay the $200.00 a week in child support and alimony out of my $270.00 a week take home pay -- when I put her money in the bank, she was presented with a real problem.   Because I had not been present at the divorce proceedings -- and I had never even been notified of the court date -- and no proof of salary had ever been provided to the court -- the Family Court was not given concurrent jurisdiction in the matter.   What this meant was that any issues arising out of the terms of the divorce had to be returned to the court of record which retained jurisdiction, which was the Nassau County Supreme Court.   But how could my ex-spouse return to Supreme Court, when the certified order had never been served as required -- and in the work copy that I had been given, half of the visitation provisions had been crossed out?    If the trial judge had seen this, who knows what action the court would have been forced to take against her.

My ex-father in law was himself a local politician who had held a politically appointed position, and it appears that he somehow got the case to be heard in Nassau County Family Court which did not even have jurisdiction in the matter.   In layman's terms, the case could not be heard in that court -- no more than the Montana Freemen which I referenced above, could create their own courts of law.    Yet, without jurisdiction in the matter, the Family Court took up the case, and a hearing was scheduled for non-support.   When I was interviewed by a representative from the Dept. of Social Services, and the person saw how much I made in relation to the impossible amount of support in the order -- and I showed the interviewer that I had the money that was supposed to be paid to my ex-spouse in a bank account -- the representative from Social Services saw no problem in my offer to pay all alimony and child support at the level I had been paying prior to the Supreme Court being given bogus salary amounts which the order of support was based.   But when I got into court, the judge not only never heard from the Social Services representative -- but the judge refused to either hear testimony from me, or accept my papers, unless I took a sworn oath.   I was never given the option to affirm.   And without an examination of the papers, the court proceeded without jurisdiction in support of an order from Supreme Court that had never even been served as required by law.    Thus, by law, this court was no different than the Montana Freemen who the federal government invaded in a similar manner as Wacco and Ruby Ridge.    If a court lacks jurisdiction, then it is unlawful for it to proceed in any matter.

Having been denied the opportunity to be heard by virtue of affirmation, rather than a sworn oath which I objected to on religious grounds, I continued putting the money in a bank account, and the matter came before Judge Tese of the same Family Court that lacked jurisdiction.   During the proceedings it was noted that I was never told of the hearing, because they had gone to the wrong address (I have a copy of the minutes).   Yet, without jurisdiction, or even the opportunity to be heard, the court proceeded to garnish my salary.   When the illegal garnishment order came through to my employer, I took a months leave of absence in order to force them to again hear the matter.    In accord with my religious convictions as stated above, I could not petition the court against my ex-spouse -- and was only able to proceed in a defensive manner.    When I appeared before Judge Tese, I was basically not permitted to say anything in my defense, and I was thrown in jail.   While in prison, eventually a legal aid attorney brought the matter before the Nassau County Supreme Court on a Writ of Habeas Corpus, and it was ruled that I had been illegally imprisoned by the judge of the Family Court (see Writ).  

The problem was that nothing more than the conditions of my illegal imprisonment could be heard on the Writ, and even when released from prison, the illegal wage garnishment remained in place.   In order to vacate the illegal wage garnishment, I would have had to go against my religious convictions, and petition the court against my ex-spouse -- which I would not do.   Thereafter, my wife and I was forced to live below the poverty level -- unable to receive any assistance whatsoever -- because all calculations were made on the basis of my gross wages.    The problem was that because of the fraudulent wage assessment presented to the court by my ex-spouse, she was getting nearly all my salary.   Even though I was living below the poverty level, I was not even eligible for food stamps.   

The fraud and deception of my ex-spouse eventually began to catch up with her, when it was realized that she continued to collect money from Social Services (welfare), even though she was simultaneously collecting alimony and child support.   But the true depth of her perjury and fraud came to light when it became known that she had been re-married for almost a year to a man she had a child with, and was still collecting alimony on the illegal wage garnishment by Family Court which remained in place because I refused to petition the court because of my religious convictions.     

I had been denied all visitation and contact with my children since the divorce.   It was stipulated in the divorce that I had to give notice prior to picking the children up for visitation -- but my ex-spouse had an unlisted phone number, and refused to accept any mail from me.   Even certified mail was returned, and I had no way of proving I had provided her notification.   With no other option available to me, I put a legal notice in the local newspaper which then served as the required notice for visitation.    This legal notice which was published, can be viewed HERE.   The legal notice read as follows:



Legal Notice


Please take notice that I, Allan Cronshaw Jr., residing at 100 Rosewood Road, Rocky Point, NY, the father of Allan 3rd and Regina Marie Cronshaw, wish to visit with my children at the time appointed by the Court, each Saturday in the month of December, 1980.  December 6, 13, 20, 27, between the hours of 10:00A.M. to 5:00 P.M..   If they are not available on Saturday, then I will visit with them on the alternate days prescribed by the Court, Sundays, December 7, 14, 21, 28.   Also note that I am paying to Camille Capruacio A.K.A. Tucciarone/Cronshaw the sum of $700.00 per month in child support and alimony; even though she has remarried since the birth of her son in February 1980.  Mrs. Capruacio, her husband, their child, and my two children all reside in my house at 480 Maitland Street, East Meadow.  Note also that I wish rent from her husband, Angelo Capruacio, at the rate of $300.00 per month, retro-active since February 1980, if he desires to continue living on my property.  This notice is necessary because Mrs. Capruacio refuses to accept mail from me.  Sincerely, Allan Cronshaw Jr.



As stated in my letter to Nassau County Asst. Dist. Atty. Philip J. Wasilausky dated December 9th, 1990 (see Letter), on one attempt to visit with my children, I encountered my ex-mother in law, Yolanda Tucciaroni, and she accused me of lying with respect to the child support and alimony that I was paying to her daughter through an illegal wage garnishment.    My ex-spouse had lied to her mother who was under the impression that SHE was providing support for her daughter.    And Yolanda was so sincere and deceived by her daughter, that I told her that I would personally make a trip down to Nassau County Support Collection and demand to know where the money they were removing from my check was going.   Upon visiting Support Collection, I was shown the canceled checks with my ex-spouses signature on them.   All this time she had been collecting money from her mother, from the Dept. of Social Services, and from the illegal wage garnishment, plus support from her new husband -- telling everyone that she had no money.  

When I confronted Family Court Administration with both the (1) fraud of my ex-spouse; (2) the fact that they did not even have jurisdiction in the matter; (3) that my wages were being unlawfully garnished to pay child support to children I was denied all contact with; (4) that they were forcing me to pay alimony to a woman who had been remarried for almost a year -- they attempted to cover up the matter by calling her in ex parte, and initiating a hearing without my even being notified.   In my official complaint, the minutes to this hearing were supplied to the Nassau County District Attorney -- and her words were quoted in the cover letter (see Letter) where she tells the court that she wants to vacate the (illegal) order of support.   Minutes to a hearing was also supplied to the District Attorney where she admits that she had withheld all visitation -- i.e., quoting her own words (see Letter): "Yes, I'am withholding visitation.  He has not seen the children in two years".      

Having been caught red handed in her perjury and fraud, my ex-spouse abandoned the marital home, and I had absolutely no idea of my children's whereabouts.    In being confronted with the illegal order of support, the court vacated said order -- but the money which was illegally removed from my salary, was never repaid.   In the same letter to Asst. Dist. Atty. Philip J. Wasilausky dated December 9th, 1990 (see Letter), I note that after I had tracked my children down to a school in Farmingville, New York, there was a threat on my life as a gunman had been hired to shoot me -- presumably by my ex-spouse's father.   Once I found the children, they were again quickly removed from that school to an undisclosed location.  

As stated above, at the time of the divorce not a word was stated with respect to my being a danger to my children -- at that time her goal was money.   This fact is demonstrated by quoting the court record which was supplied to the District Attorney, and was referenced in my letter (see Letter) -- with the court asking the question: "Does he see the children?"   If there was even a shred of truth to her later allegations of child abuse on my part, she never would have answered this question: "When he -- once in a great while.  He is involved in I guess kind of like, kind of a mystical type cult thing right now, and quite honestly he is I guess hung up on that and she (Flo) goes along in that.   He is involved in hypnotism, in reincarnation, and it was just very strange that this Jim Jones thing came up at the same time this came up" 

Once she had the money judgment from the court, my ex-spouse then turned her attention to alienating me from my children -- and typically in cases where one spouse turns the children against the other, she succeeded in initiating what is known as false memory.   Every time I attempted to visit with my children, or find out where she had kidnapped them to, she would file a anonymous false report of child abuse with the Department of Social Services.   After being thoroughly investigated, Social Services ceased to even accept any more anonymous reports as stated in a letter dated June 23, 1981 (see Letter).   The letter reads in part: "It is felt that these reports are harassment by Mr. Cronshaw's ex-wife Camille Caporuscio, and/or her mother, Yolanda Tucciarone.   The reports were timed almost simultaneously with efforts by the Cronshaw's to locate Mr. Cronshaw's children who are in the custody of his ex-wife.  For all future reports received regarding this above named family it would be helpful if no anonymous reports be accepted.  The anonymous caller should be told that if they wish to make any allegations, they should make them in person to the Nassau County Registry."   

The reality is that my ex-spouse believed that she could tell anyone, virtually anything, and they would believe her -- and by impressing my children with false memory, she was a danger to their wellbeing.    When the two children had reached an age where I basically was powerless to force visitation, my ex-wife surfaced with a new lawyer demanding money for her half of the house which she and her husband had abandoned in foreclosure.    When they initiated a complaint in Nassau County Supreme Court, she again told the court outlandish lies in an attempt to fraudulently collect money for all the years she had kidnapped my children.   In the letter to Asst. Dist. Atty. Philip J. Wasilausky dated December 9th, 1990 (see Letter), I quote her sworn statements to the court:

PARAGRAPH 15: "That contrary to the aforesaid decree (divorce), defendant has not made any payments whatsoever, in part or in whole, of said shild support to the plaintiff, and is now in arrears of said child support in the sum of $61,600.00"

PARAGRAPH 18: "That contrary to the aforesaid decree, defendant has not made any payments whatsoever, in part of in whole, to the plaintiff as and for her maintenance, and is now in arrears in the sum of $61,600.00".

That perjury is so rampant and routine in our courts is seen in the fact that even after the lawyer representing my ex-spouse was supplied both canceled check stubs, as well as receipts of payment from the Nassau County Support Collection when my wages were illegally garnished for both alimony and child support, her attorney filed a motion for summary judgment attempting to collect the above sum of $123,200.00.   This would have enabled them to bypass a hearing where testimony and evidence would have been submitted to the court.  

Anyone, who would so blatantly perjure herself in a sworn affidavit to the court -- attempting to use the court to extort money in this manner -- simply can't be believed.   Those familiar with the case can't believe that she was not jailed for perjury, fraud and extortion on the part of both herself and her lawyer who knowingly represented the outlandish lies to the court -- and my children have been programmed to believe that I have denied them all support, and did not attempt to visit with them.   My son Allan 3rd tells people how I was thrown in jail -- but remains in denial that my imprisonment was itself ruled unlawful (see Writ), and was based upon the lies that his mother had manufactured against me.   Further, not only did she blatantly lie to the court with respect to money she had received, but she attempted to collect alimony for all the years that she was married to the father of her child.   Meanwhile, I cannot even get my son to examine the massive amount of facts that prove what I state is true.    That we did not know where his mother who had kidnapped my children, was keeping them, is seen in the fact that my own mother was also denied all contact with her grandchildren, and was not even able to given them savings bonds as gifts (see Bonds).    Eventually she gave me the bonds to hold for them, and I still have them to this day.

There was no marriage with my ex-spouse.   I did not want a spouse who was having children with other men (see Counterfeit Union) .  As I began seeking on the spiritual path, the spiritual importance of marriage was becoming increasingly clear to me, and I did not want a life of wife swapping and open marriage affairs as she did.    Genuine Marriage is a spiritual sacrament that must meet that necessary spiritual standards in order to be valid.   I was simply not interested in government licensed sex and cohabitation that Caesar in the form of modern secular government, promotes as a counterfeit replacement in order to control the lives of the people.   In fact, government has done more to destroy the sanctity of marriage -- and if the Churches were valid representatives of the Gospel, they would strive to put an immediate halt to this wholesale destruction of the family environment.    

   Questions Posed In Forum



Wasn't Leaving Your Ex A Sin?


The topic of discussion is difficult, because it requires a person to think and reason at differing levels.   What is sin, is different for what is biblically portrayed as the people of the Nations -- different again for the people who are portrayed as Jews -- and different again for those who would be spiritual seekers of TheWay.   This is demonstrated conclusively in the article on the Sin of Christian Complacency, where it is shown that Christians not only are held to a higher standard, but will also receive the greater condemnation than the unbelievers who are portrayed as the people of the Nations.   And because what would be considered sin is different for some people, than it is for others,  I rarely ever use the word sin -- that is a word used by the Churches.   And what I have always maintained is that among the people of the Nations -- which is the mindset of most of the people that are bound by the mindset of our hedonist culture -- that consensual sex is not a sin.   And I will even add consensual homosexuality into the equation.    Not that I am in any manner endorsing homosexuality -- which is condemned in the Bible because of its limiting factor -- but the scriptures are made for spiritual seekers, and not for the people who are portrayed as being of the Nations in their mindset and lifestyle.
What Is A Marriage: What I have also always maintained is that Marriage is a spiritual sacrament -- and has nothing to do with the domestic unions ordained by man -- and I believe this is further clarified in the recent article I authored in response to the allegations which you can find at http://Ebionite.com/perjury.htm .    As I explain in the [above] article, my relationship with the mother of my son, Allan 3rd, did not constitute a marriage from a spiritual perspective -- and for me to petition a court and accuse my ex-spouse in the manner required by the laws of man, would have been the greater sin that would have initiated the Laws, and come back upon me.   New York did not have no-fault divorce -- where the people can simply state that the parties are incompatible.    New York requires someone to be judged to be at fault -- and for me to accuse my ex-spouse before such an illegitimate tribunal, would have been for me true sin.   So, when my ex made these allegations against me, I turned the other cheek, and refused to enter into the sin that she was forging for herself in the courts of man.   And in the above article I demonstrate that Paul is correct in his position that anyone who petitions a court against another person, has been turned out of TheWay.  
With respect to marriage, then you have the added problem of: Caesar does not have the power to initiate a spiritual sacrament.     So what man calls marriage, is not!!!    And the Sacrament of Marriage has a series of foundational requirements that the marriages ordained by man does not at all observe or understand.   As explained in the above article, what man calls marriage, would better be called a civil union or domestic partnership.   And it is also my position that the Higher Laws have been bringing about the present conflict with respect to homosexual marriage, in order to demonstrate to man the counterfeit nature of what man defines as marriage.   Which means that from a government perspective, homosexuals have as much a right to enter into these civil unions that man mistakenly calls marriage, as does opposite sex couples.   And for me to ask Caesar to terminate a marriage -- when no Marriage from a biblical or spiritual perspective even exists -- would have caused me to be unfaithful to the knowledge that I have conveyed in my writings.     
Marriage has a set of rules that few men and women can abide by -- and to call them sinful, because they have not developed the spiritual maturity or ability to even enter into a Genuine Marriage, would be more sinful than any consensual sexual act.   Knowing much of my ex-spouse's past [lives], it would be impossible for her to even enter into a Genuine Marriage.   It all goes back to the teaching that to whom much has been given, much more will be expected (see http://Ebionite.com/reincarnation.htm .   Since the people of this world have very little in the way of understanding, then very little is expected of them.   And from the perspective of sin, my ex-spouse's initiating a court accusing me of infidelity -- when she bore a child by another man during our time together -- it was the petitioning the court for what she was herself guilty of, that was even the greater sin than the infidelity.   From a spiritual perspective, no Marriage (notice the capitol letters) existed.  


The Question Of My Own Spirituality

For the record, let me state that my level of knowledge when I terminated my relationship with my ex-spouse, was limited -- or perhaps the better term would be, New Age at best.   While I had been able to put the general puzzle of life together based upon the observations of past lives -- through various means -- and while what I knew was perhaps equal in many respects to what would be considered New Age, I was at an elementary level simply because my thinking was in many respects still carnal, and lacked the necessary depth and dimensional development.    
What some of those who question my actions does not seem able to grasp, because they cling to our cultural mindset -- and people who are programmed by the governments and churches of man has always had difficulty with -- is the Spiritual, or Gnostic element of higher reality -- Gnosis being the Higher Knowledge of the Kingdom that Paul warned was inconceivable to the organic natural mind of man (see http://Ebionite.com/defeat.htm ).   These people tend to see things in a literal or historical perspective -- and they have great difficulty envisioning the Spirit that giveth Life -- without which, all man has is a corpse.   And as spiritual seekers, we see this void in the understanding of all those who come to attack us all the time.   As an example: The Bible states that there is only one way -- and that is through Jesus.   And while the Church has institutionalized this in their misunderstanding, the one way is not through belief in the historical Jesus -- but rather, what is represented in Yeshua -- and the two are not the same.    Others will say that Jesus started a Church -- and because he started it, that that is the true Church.   Yet, a spiritual person understands that the True Church is Spiritual, and has nothing in common with a church of this world.     

True Seekers look for what is real and genuine -- and the fact that someone builds a physical structure and calls it the Church of Christ, does not in any manner make the Church genuine and real from a spiritual perspective.   And without the Spirit, all that exists, is a corpse.   And in the same way, the fact that man pronounces two people married, does not make it so -- and without the Spirit, the union is a corpse.  

Further refining the above, even the term corpse is not appropriate -- in that, a corpse at one time had Life -- while the institutions of man are shadow forms, because in most instances, they never even had Life at any time.   So at best, what I had with my ex-spouse, was a shadow marriage -- i.e., it was never at any time genuine -- and thus, could not even be considered a corpse -- and at best it represented a shadow of Higher Reality.   And as stated in the above article, I did not at any time attempt to deceive my ex-spouse -- and I maintained that the union had ended for the many reasons given, and it was my intention to move out as soon as I could.   That my departure was delayed because of the severe ice storm that brought the north east to a virtual standstill in the winter of 1978, did not in any manner change the circumstances of my planned departure.   And one of the important points that the linear thinking literalist who judges only on the surface is totally missing, is the fact that terminating my relationship with my ex-spouse was not a sin -- yet, if I had petitioned the courts in accordance with the requirements of man, then that would have been a sin.  

Where in the scriptures is the requirement set forth that one is supposed to go before the courts of Caesar -- file accusations before the unjust -- and request that Caesar dissolve a union that he has absolutely no power over?  And even when I was accused falsely and unjustly by my ex-spouse, I did nothing more than turn the other cheek.   Why? One of the reasons was because I did not want a negative polarity union as an anchor to the Genuine Marriage that I was about to bring about.    And I believe I have written about this -- i.e., that if a relationship is not terminated properly, it remains in the form of a negative polarity -- thereby anchoring you down.   And if I had petitioned a court -- or accused her before what the Bible portrays as the unjust -- then not only would this have been sin, but I would have limited my future because of the negative-polarity union born out of the court proceedings.

My knowledge when I eventually departed from my ex-spouse was spiritually infantile -- New Age -- or elementary.    Why?   Because it was linear -- and while it was not as linear as most men by virtue of the strengths gained over the course of my past lives (see http://BrotherOfJesus.org ) -- from the perspective of what I eventually developed into, I was very much linear and infantile.    The Spiritual Alchemy that I write about in the Divine Marriage ( http://DivineMarriage.org ) could not have performed it's magic.   And in many respects, at that time I was the product of Lilith ( http://Lilith.Nazirene.org ).    And while I possessed a certain degree of vision and understanding as a result of my Spiritual DNA of my past lives, without the Alchemical process of spiritual transformation, whatever linear knowledge I possessed, lacked the depth necessary to create all the writings that are very unique, that I have accomplished in the 30 years since that time.   My ex-spouse very much represented Lilith ( http://Lilith.Nazirene.org ) -- and if I had chosen to remain with Lilith, it would have been impossible to fulfill my spiritual goals and objectives in this life.   In the same way that Lilith is portrayed as Adam's first wife, the necessary Alchemical Spiritual growth could only have been brought about with Eve -- as represented in my wife Flo.   And for those who are fooled by the allegory of the eating the fruit of the Tree of Duality, without eating the fruit, no growth in the Third-Force can be brought about -- and you will remain spiritually sterile, and perhaps New Age at best.   And I suspect that those people who have a problem with this statement, are those of a linear literalist mindset, and their thinking has been programmed by the Church, our secular atheist government, and our spiritually disenfranchised culture.              
The scriptures portray this reality in the dividing of the wheat from the chaff -- i.e., what is real, spiritual and genuine, from what is counterfeit and a shadow of what is real.    What is real and genuine will bring Life -- while what is shadow and counterfeit, will bring death -- and this is true of all things.   In our present time, the Spiritual Institution of Marriage itself is under attack -- and without an understanding of Marriage and the Divine Pattern, there is no real comprehension of anything beyond Church blind faith or New Age elementary rhetoric.   The Kingdom is within you (see http://GateOfEden.com ) -- but how do you manifest it in the physical as portrayed in the Second Coming?   The very first thing the Apostles did in the Book of Acts, was create the necessary spiritual communities for this Alchemical transformation to take place.   In order for me to move beyond the superficial and initiate alchemical depth, I needed a spiritual community -- which I developed when I departed from Lilith, and entered into a Genuine Marriage with the woman who had been my soul-seeker Wife over the course of eons.   And the decision that I made, to some degree, is a decision that every genuine seeker -- and especially those who claim to believe in the teachings of Jesus and TheWay -- must themselves make with respect to what is real and genuine.   There are great numbers of elementary believers who are afraid to leave the shelter of the institutionalized Church of this world -- and yet, it is the Church that is robbing them of the very Life of their Soul.    Others are fearful to sever their relationship to the institutions of man -- while it is these same institutions that are an anchor depriving them of the possibility of seeking Life.  
Having entered this world at the present time to restore the Original Gospel Message -- it seems that one of the scenarios that the Angelic Overseers wanted portrayed in the life that I am presently living, is that virtually anyone who is sincere in the seeking and living of Truth, has the potential of walking in TheWay.    The whole of the Gospel message has been underlined, because few people understand the true reality of the Virgin Birth which was a later addition to the scriptures (see http://gospelofthomas.nazirene.org/#virgin ).   And because Yeshua has been portrayed as sinless -- and even non-human -- the whole of the Gospel message has been spiritually undermined.   What is written in the Gospels is only applicable, if you are sincerely willing to manifest these teachings in your life.   And the Angelic Overseers that are in control, wanted to ensure that everyone understood that regardless of your present station in life, if you begin to sincerely travail in TheWay, that you can begin the process of bringing about spiritual transformation.   And while I would not call myself a sinner in my younger days -- simply because I don't agree with the Church's definition of sin -- but I would call myself a product of our present day culture.   Which means that I was imbued with the very same burden that everyone else in our present time was shackled with.   Which also means that if I was able to throw off the shackles of our culture, then no one else has an excuse -- and this is the message that the Ruling Angelic Powers wanted everyone to be aware of.   Further, everyone here has it easier, because of all the writings on the Nazirene Ebionite web sites explore every aspect of the life that we are presently living.   I didn't have this source of knowledge when I began my journey in TheWay.   And while I have fulfilled my objectives and destiny in this life, the question is: who will walk with the sincere seekers in TheWay?   Surely not the Complacent Christians who are an abomination to the Lord.     It is difficult to get some people to spend the time to read an article which explores these necessary concepts -- and if they prioritize their time by putting something such as a television show above seeking knowledge and understanding, then they are themselves crucifying Messiah/Christ by virtue of the priorities of their life.    



There is a whole lot of important concepts here that should be discussed -- but to even begin to discuss them I believe that it is only fair that you read the article that I wrote, so that we can begin this discussion on the same page -- which we can't at present, because you confuse marriage with the civil unions which license sex that man mistakes for marriage.