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A Letter To Gov. Mike Rounds

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Letter To Gov. Mike Rounds



Rev. Allan Cronshaw Jr.

480 Maitland St

East Meadow, NY 11554


February 7th, 2006



Governor Mike Rounds

500 E. Capitol Ave

Pierre, SD 57501


Re: Roe v Wade And The Alleged Right To Privacy


Dear Gov. Rounds:

With your recent signing of a law banning virtually all abortions in South Dakota, if your state is to prevail, then you must lay the foundation for victory in the present.   Perhaps you should consider the Achilles Heel of the liberal pro-abortion movement.   Paradoxically, those who espouse abortion, themselves reject the Constitutional premises upon which it is founded.   They promote privacy in only the issue of abortion which is based upon a perceived Right to Privacy, and these same people perpetually legislate against this same alleged right in every other area – and this is especially true of their big-brother type big-government intervention into the lives of others.   In practice, they reject the very right to privacy they attempt to champion.


Quoting my letter to Sen. Hillary Clinton (see ): 


Is There A Right To Privacy? It has long been suggested by many legal scholars that there is no right to privacy in the Constitution -- and that this right to privacy was manufactured by the pro-abortion movement.   Who is correct?   The true test of who is correct can only be measured by the universal acknowledgement of this alleged Constitutional Right.   There is of course nothing in the Constitution that affirms a woman’s right to terminate her pregnancy and end the life of her unborn child.   So the ruling in Roe v Wade was based upon a Constitutional Right of Privacy from government intrusion.   But, if it can be demonstrated that the supposed right to privacy only exists in the matter of a woman’s right to have an abortion -- and this right to privacy is not uniformly protected with respect to all unwarranted intrusion of government into the lives of individuals -- then the legal scholars who claim that this right to privacy was manufactured by the liberal pro-abortion movement can be substantiated as valid.     The Constitution requires uniformity of application and equality of rights and protections in all of its concepts and prohibitions.


The same people who are promoting the alleged Constitutional Right to Privacy, are denying both this right, as well as other essential Rights such as Religious Freedom, in everything they do.  My own case stems from my claim to a religious exemption from the New York Seatbelt law (see ), but I can just as easily demonstrate the abject denial of religious freedom in the very liberal state of New York over the course of the last 28 years.   And this is especially true in the NYS Judiciary where the abandonment of Constitutional principles and freedom of choice and privacy is routinely rejected in the name of big (liberal) government intervention into the lives of the people.  


As stated in my recent letter to Star Parker (see ), one of the most appalling denials of the right to the practice of religion, freedom of choice, and freedom of privacy from government intervention in people’s lives, is the denial of School Choice.   And it is here, in this environment of nurturing young, impressionable mind, where the pro-abortion anti-God movement has been waging their relentless battle against all that is good and of the Light.   Our system of public schools which make our young girls think and dress in the manner of whores, and undermine the whole moral and spiritual foundation of our American society, would better be renamed the Abyss of Satan.   It is here where they teach young girls to reject all things that are Godly, and that the murder of their own unborn child is merely another form of birth control -- and it is here where they teach our children the immorality of the Hollywood Leftist elite.   And while they will champion the right of twelve year olds to choose to get an abortion without parental consent, they will deny this same right of both choice and privacy in every other area of life.   The primary purpose of the public school system is to alienate the child from the religious beliefs and the morality of the child’s parents.   They celebrate Fidel Castro, because he removes the children from the influence of the family and brainwashes them into secular atheism.   And the UnReligious Left is using our system of public schools, as well as our courts, to further their agenda.   Stalin said that the only way to defeat America, is to undermine its morality and religion -- and the UnReligious Left is using our own government systems and agencies to bring this fall of freedom and liberty about.  


While it is yet to be seen if the attempt of the State of South Dakota to overturn Roe v Wade will be successful, one thing is for sure -- i.e., in the same way that the liberals have incrementally moved the Nation to the left, one step at a time in the endeavor to spiritually disenfranchise the people, it must be moved back to a state of balance and equilibrium, one step at a time.   How can this be accomplished?   In the same way that Mayor Giuliani cleaned up the rampant crime in NYC by focusing on lifestyle infringements in order to transform the mindset of the communities in his effort to win the war which caused up to 2400 homicides a year, the effort to support the overturning of Row v Wade must be supported by cleaning up the same lifestyle infringements of the left in their socialist assault upon the people.   And their true Achilles Heel is seen in the fact that in every other area except abortion, they despise the very tenets which the Right to Privacy upon which Roe v Wade is alleged to be based.   So if you are to eventually prevail in the Supreme Court in the time frame of four to six years from now, then you must undermine the whole of their power base and their ability to program the minds of impressionable young children by demanding that they exercise freedom of choice and privacy in all other areas of life.    They can’t do this, because like the NYC thug and criminal who committed a multitude of murders each and every day, the change in mindset would undermine their whole agenda of big brother and big (socialist) government intervention into the lives of the people.    Create a foundation of success for your endeavors, by forcing them to adhere to their own rhetoric of Freedom of Privacy and Choice in all matters.   You will quickly see them turn upon themselves, and self-destruct prior to your getting before the Court.   





The Rev. Allan Cronshaw




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